Wednesday, June 8, 2011

We may be in for some oppressive weather

Methinks the weather just could be occupying the minds of most Mainers for the next couple of days.  We're told the heat and humidity could be moving in beginning today.  Coastal areas could be in the 80s today and then into the lower 90s for Thursday and Friday.  Inland area could reach the 90s all three days and the mid to upper 90s toward the end of the week.  Even worse, the humidity is expected to roll in beginning today and get very uncomfortable around here.

The weather people offer the usual plea:  Be sure to drink a lot of non-alcoholic beverages, preferable water, and take frequent breaks.  Check in occasionally on your elderly neighbors to be sure they're O.K. 

I can say without hesitation that this old body abhors all that humidity.  My little finger is already pointing south.

Thanks to a call I made yesterday and to the company that takes care of my full house air conditioning system, Gator Wife and I will be able to keep relatively comfortable.  I can say nothing but great things about Avery Family Fuels in Westbrook.  That firm installed my system many, many years ago and keep it up and running. 

Yesterday I called them to remind them my system hadn't received its spring service yet.  By early afternoon, the Avery truck was driving down my driveway and an hour later, all was working beautifully.  That company takes care of its old folk customers.  Probably its younger ones, too.

This day is not going to be a pleasant one.  I've got a couple teeth that want to go to tooth heaven and my upper denture is in need of a little growth.  I'm not sure I'm going to enjoy this experience.  At least it's not taking place in the arriving oppressive heat and humidity.

About all I can say about the Women's College World Softball Championships is the Gator Women gave it a heckuva shot.  They lost three games in the championship series, all to Arizona State.  The #1 Devils, as expected, won the CWSC.  Florida had to come out of the losers' bracket after their first lost to ASU, and very few teams, if any, have come from an early loss to win the world series.  Their first loss was last Friday and they had to win two games Saturday and another two games Sunday to get into the Championship series.  Because ASU was unbeaten, they only played three games over the four day series championships.  But the exhausted Gators just couldn't compete against a well-rested ASU Monday and Tuesday.  Congratulations to the Sun Devils for winning and "Good job!" to the 4th ranked Gators.

The Gator men continue their quest for for the College Men's Baseball World Serices Championships in the Super Regionals Friday morning.

And finally, in politics, my displeasure with the Maine Legislature simply continues.


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