Monday, June 27, 2011

"I'm in Michigan!"

I had a great, new experience over the weekend.  Earlier this month Gator Wife and I purchased a new stove for our home.  It's a pretty fancy one and much more versatile that the 16-year-old one it replaced.

Replacing a stove, however, isn't necessarily a great experience.

The package that came with the new stove contained an offer from the manufacturer for some neat things that enhance the device.  A couple of those things caught our attention and we thought we'd like to have them.  An on-line order site was provided so I pulled it up on my computer.  The things were there, but I'd defy anyone to figure out how to order.  I did select one of the items and clicked "Add to cart."  Nothing happened.  I tried again, this time double-clicking.  Nothing.  I wasn't going to get this neat stuff on line.

In that infamous "fine print" was a disclaimer that said the offer could be withdrawn at any time and without notice.  I accepted that as telling me the reason I couldn't order on line was simply because the offer was no longer valid.  So, I decided to see if the item we wanted was available locally. 

I no longer prowl stores because walking is a problem, but I did check local outlets on their web sites.  My want could be fulfilled for just $34.95 as opposed to the $9.95 in the offer that came with the stove.  That wasn't acceptable.

There was a telephone number included, so, "What they Hey!" I decided to call the number.  Then the really neat experience.  The person on the other end answered with, "Good morning, you've reached the xyz corporation and my name is Beverly.  I'm located in Michigan.  How may I help you?"

It was that "I'm located in Michigan" that really caught my attention.  All of a sudden, this was going to be a great call no matter how it turned out.  She was pleasant, sounded like she knew her job, and I couldn't hear the notebook pages turning in the background.  When I explained my dilemma, she was a good company person and apologized for the web site, and then said there should be a promotion code on the offer form.  I gave it to her and within a couple seconds, she said it was still good.

I placed my order, got the order number, etc., and thanked her for being in the United States.  She chuckled and said most callers seem to like that.  And I didn't have to say, "I'm sorry, I didn't quite understand that." once.  Even the "on hold" music was superior.

I put that company's order phone number in my phone list and when I need more items for my kitchen appliances, that'll be the first one I'll call. 

It was just a good experience.

And another good experience.  You may remember after Labor Day I mentioned that Gator Daughter had found a new bakery and bought me one of my favorite treats for our Dad's Day meal.  It was a raspberry cream from Piscopo's Bakery now located in the Highland Avenue Greenhouse and Farm Market in Scarborough.  Guess what's in this morning's Portland Press Herald and on the Portland Press Herald web site.  Yes.  A story about Piscopo's Bakery.  You can read it here and it includes a picture of that raspberry cream.


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