Monday, June 6, 2011

That was some ride Paul Revere made!

Now that was close to what a weekend should be in Maine.  Along the coast here, it was just a tiny bit cool as the sea breezes kept the air moving, but a wonderful weekend nevertheless.

I got a kick out of some headlines this morning.  Over the weekend presidential non?-possible?-candidate Sarah Palin, former governor of Alaska and former vice presidential candidate, responded to a question by a reporter than Paul Revere had warned the British as well as the Patriots of the impending fight. 

Well, those reporters apparently didn't know their history and probably basing their reaction on that Longfellow poem The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere, poked all sorts of  bashing at Ms. Palin.  She, they said among other things, didn't even know American history.

Some news organizations decided to give it a check; and, lo! and behold! that dumb Palin was correct and all those reporters covering America got it wrong.  Revere apparently did warn the British after he was captured at the end of his ride.  One member of the main stream media, The Los Angeles Times, published its research results this morning.

We've known for a long time the political reporters covering America can't be trusted to either do the research needed to print the truth or even be honest in fairness, and now we've seen real proof.  Congratulations to the LA Times for breaking that mold.  (In fairness, I must point out I'm a retired member of the news media.)

The current session of the Maine Legislature is quickly drawing to a close.  It does have some work to complete this week and early next week, but this Republican remains rather disappointed with many of the results.  The Republican dominated Maine government had promised great things.  But then so did President Obama when he was just a candidate.  That never happened, either.  I think my preliminary grading of the Maine effort would be a reluctant yet kind "C."


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