Sunday, June 12, 2011

These weekends seem to be coming quicker and quicker

One element of getting into one's mid-70s seems to be just how much faster the time passes than it passed when one was much younger. Now we still have the same number of hours/minutes in the day and the number of days in a week hasn't changed, but it sure does seem like the last nice weekend ended only yesterday; yet here another is.

After Thursday's heat and humidity, this cooler and less humid period will be welcome. From all I've heard, it should be a rather nice period of time even with those periodic possible scattered showers and thundershowers. (Edited Saturday morning...the morning's weather report has changed from yesterday. Southern Maine, including our area, appears to be in for some shower, possibly some rain, activity today and tomorrow.)

Newt Gingrich's presidential bid took a massive hit Thursday when all his campaign leaders/advisors, quit. I suspect there was a much deeper split than reported, but the simple reason was a disagreement in his recent policy statements and his recent decision to take a cruise vacation off Greece rather than go to New Hampshire or Iowa. Gingrich says he's going to continue his bid. We'll see, but I had decided long ago I wouldn't vote for him. I suspect his advisors also saw a growing list of people like me.

O.K., GiM, if not Gingrich then who? The elections are still a long way off...almost a year and a half. I still feel the way I have for the last many years, these darn campaigns begin way too early and I don't get excited at all about them this far in advance. Shucks, even the primaries are a year away. I haven't even come close to choosing my favorite. There are some I could easily lean toward if I were a "one issue" voter. I say "some" because various ones have said they were in favor of one of my issues. I'll wait for two things before I decide. The first wait will be for a lot of time to pass, possibly until next summer, so see just who is running; and the second wait will be to see which amasses the most "one issues" I want to see.

Speaking of election issues for that far away 2012 November, there's one that must be decided rather soon. A three judge Federal panel has said Maine must redistrict its congressional districts soon. One group had petitioned the courts to get that redistricting done now because the most recent census figures has changed the state's population areas. The other group, mainly democrats, wants to wait until after the 2012 elections. The court panel ruled Thursday that the change should take place now and put the process on a fast track to find an equitable way to accomplish it. I think I read that it must be completed by Jan. 1st to give potential candidates time to make decisions and get the election process underway.

This is only speculation on my part and I have no basis for fact, but it appears the democrats want to wait to protect their golden girl, First District Congress Representative Chellie Pingree. Her home town is one of the places that could be moved to the Second District. If that happens, she'd be out of a job unless she ran against another democrat favorite Mike Michaud, currently the Second Congressional District representative.

IF, and that's purposely a big "if," that redistricting takes place, then it could open up whole new possibilities for the First District. It remains an "if" because the democrats are arguing in court that the current districts are constitutionally acceptable.

And finally this weekend, the state could end up in the next couple of days with a new two-year budget. The Legislature's Appropriations Committee has unanimously passed one and the full legislature could be voting early in the week as the session is constitutionally scheduled to end June 15th.

I've already spoken on my feelings toward the Republican actions in this Legislature, as if anyone really cares how I feel. I might have further comment after adjournment.

Meanwhile, I hope you have another super weekend and all your activities are successful.


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