Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Weekend

We dads get to be honored, somewhat, this weekend. Apparently I haven't been quite as observant about the wonderful things we can do or get being fathers as other holidays seem to bring to others. I haven't seen much advertising about all the super specials offered to the offspring to honor their dads. I'm not going to go so far as say there has been none, because I'm sure they've been there. I just haven't seen them.

Now that's no big deal. Dads come to learn they're not the most important element of family life. Moms still continue that role, as they should. Nevertheless, my day won't be a total loss. Gator Daughter, I suspect, will give me her time and will undoubtedly prepare a delicious mid day lunch for all of us to enjoy. I'd be surprised if, weather permitting, that lunch doesn't involve something from the grill. She fixes delicious stuff on the grill.

It's been 35 years since I've had a Dad to honor. Unfortunately for me, he wanted to remain in his adopted home Florida when he passed, so I don't get to visit his resting place very often. But the lessons he taught me in my formulative years and even continuing into my forties continue to guide me today. Those lessons are among the reasons Gator Wife and I will be celebrating 50 years together later this year.

Perhaps the biggest lesson was the one concerning personal decisions. He taught me, as I'm sure many dads tried to teach, to ask a simple question as I was deciding to do something. "How would I feel if Mom or Dad walked in right now?" If the answer were, "Probably embarrassed," then it would something that needed more thought. Mom and Dad wouldn't walk in on me any longer, but I do know they are watching carefully and thus still guiding me from wherever they are getting their final rest.

On another topic, GW and I were listening to the police monitor Thursday. A call went out for units to repond to a moose on the loose in the Cabela's parking lot in Scarborough. The irony of ironies: This is the weekend that the store is holding a moose hunt permit auction. Friday morning, the TV news had pictures of the moose roaming through the parking lot. One might conclude that the moose was holding a protest march against the auction permit this weekend.

I hope all of you dads will have a super weekend and that your families present you with all you deserve for being a dad.


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