Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's Summertime!

Summer has arrived.  It rode in yesterday shortly after one PM and what a glorious beginning it was.  The sun was bright, the temperatures were in the 80s, at least here on the swamp, and there was little or no humidity.  It was, as they say, a picture perfect day.

Wednesday will also be a nice day, but the temperatures probably won't make it to the grandeur of Tuesday.  And then, we told by people who make a living prognosticating the weather, the weather will be going downhill for a few days.  I can't complain too much about rain.  Our vegetables love it.  Most things that grow in the ground seem to be able to differentiate between natural and chemically-treated water.

I haven't been able to take pictures of Gator Golden recently because, as I've explained, that crummy view screen doesn't like sun.  Well Tuesday, while Gator Wife was outside tending to her gardens, GG found a nice shady spot under an old elm tree and simply took advantage of the great weather, the outdoors, and the shade to make sure GW did her work just right.
She still doesn't understand her leg is continuing to heal and she can't run like she used to, so when GW is outside working, she continues to tether the dog to keep her from chasing a squirrel, or a brown truck in the neighboring driveway, or a chipmunk.  GG doesn't seem to mind.  At least she's able to keep her 'mommy' in sight, and that's all that's really important.

As you can see, too, because of her lack of running thus exercising, she's beginning to show her age, too.

I told you about all the Rachel calls the other day.  Well, we got another anonymous call on the Caller I.D. Monday night.  "It's just Rachel," I announced to GW.  Surprise, surprise!  It wasn't Rachel.  I can't tell you who it was because I didn't listen long enough to find out.  It was from Washington, D.C. so I'm assuming it was some sort of political solicitation.  The 2012 elections are still a year and a half away and already we're getting those annoying telephone calls.

Telling politicians, or their surrogates, not to call is a waste of time as they exempted themselves from the "do not call" list.  I think I might adopt a different tact.  If the call is a robocall, I'll just hang up; but if a real person is on the other end, I'll find out the person or organization being represented and thank the caller for giving me an excuse not  to vote or support the candidate or organization.

Shucks.  Be the time November, 2012 rolls around, I might not have to even go to the polls.  There won't be anyone left for whom to vote.    Hmmmm.  I'll have to give this idea some thought.


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