Monday, June 20, 2011

Aaah! The much traveled Rachel!

I heard from someone who's becoming quite familiar to me over the weekend. Rachel called. I'd be just a little surprised if you didn't know who Rachel is. She is the well-traveled representative from a company called something like "Credit Card Services." She's the one who starts off by telling me there's no problem with my credit card, but she would like to give me a lower interest rate.

Rachel has called me from all parts of the United States and even Canada. The most recent calls from Rachel were this weekend, one day from Florida and the next just a day later from Texas. Before that, she was in Colorado. There have been several others, also, including New Brunswick. Once she was in California. The message never changes, but I'm surprised that her voice changes as she travels from place to place. And boy, she surely does get around. Rachel, incidentally, is a recording and a little different playback system at various locations most likely accounts for the voice change. She uses a cell phone to make the calls.

I sort of feel sorry for Rachel as she has never gotten through to me with a complete call. Somehow, my finger slips to the "End" button before poor Rachel has completed her spiel. She did give me the option once of pressing, I think it was either "9" or "0" to learn more. I also tried to explain to her once that since I never pay interest charges, I really don't care what the rate is. But, alas! I guess recordings have a hard time hearing. When I see a suspected number on the caller ID, I probably should just ignore it, but it's more fun to look, tell Gator Wife, "It's Rachel!" and then answer to confirm my guess.

Sticker shock of sorts. I bought my heating oil for next year. The only good thing I can say about it is at least I won't have to worry about being warm next winter. If you haven't received your letter or made your pre-buy yet, be prepared for shock. If this continues, I don't know how I'll manage the following winter.

I watched Meet the Press on NBC Sunday. The program has been on, I think, since time began. I do know it has been around for as long as I've been interested in so-called news programs. There have been many super moderators. Well, perhaps not quite so "many" as it is one place where good news people tend to stay for a long time. I have found myself watching it less and less over the last year or so. It is almost painful watching the current moderator not listening to responses yet trying to form questions to stick with his agenda, along with his own comments, for the guests. He certainly isn't in that "super" category and makes it really easy to skip the show.

Father's Day came and went. It was a good one here on the swamp. Gator Daughter fixed one of her great outdoor cooked meals, but the highlight was a treat she brought with her. It has been an awful long time since I had a good raspberry cream turnover, one of my favorite treats. Most of the good bakeries around here have gone out of business; and although the few remaining still sold the treat, the quality wasn't near (and the price far exceeded) what the old time bakeries use to offer.

GD discovered that Highland Avenue Nursery (about a block or two from Pleasant Hill Road on Highland Avenue here in Scarborough) has joined with one of those old time bakery owners, a baker named Piscopo and I'm sorry I remember not his first name, to offer some of his famous offerings. She found those raspberry cream turnovers I loved so much. They were very large, very full, very flaky, and made this year's celebration a Special Father's Day.


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