Monday, October 5, 2009

Taking a little vacation

Back in 2007 I started reading several blogs on a regular basis and that activity got me to thinking that maybe, just maybe, I could write my thoughts on current and not so current events. After all, I was a journalist with a degree from the University of Florida. As a member of the news media here in Maine for 30 years until I retired, I had done my share of writing.

But my vision of a blog would not be for any purpose except having some fun and getting some things off my chest. Since my first venture into the world of blogging on Dec. 26, 2007, that’s what I’ve done for 559 posts. And now I need a break.

I’ve been telling my Fearless Friend in recent weeks that I needed a vacation but I’m not sure he thought I’d take one. I am. I’m taking at least this week off to give my batteries a chance to recharge and my head a chance to seek some fresh thoughts.

Thanks for checking in today.

Gator in Maine (GiM)

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