Monday, October 19, 2009

A little catching up!

"Hey! Can I tempt you to come back with a squeaky toy?"

Howdy! I just thought I drop by for one day to say, “Hello.” I’ve been enjoying my little vacation from blogging but since it’s now been two weeks, I thought I’d catch up a little.

We had a little surprise on the outside last night. It snowed! Can you imagine on Oct. 18th we had a bunch of very big, very wet snow flakes falling? If you watched any of the Patriots' football game yesterday, you got a preview of the outside of the Gator homestead last night. There'll be no trace of it today.

One of my biggest strengths is hindsight. I didn't take any pictures.

Not a whole lot has happened in the Gator family. Gator Wife has continued to go to her place of part time employment. Gator Daughter and her dog have continued to visit us on weekends. But it’s been so darn “cool” we haven’t done much on the outside. I have made one sweep with the tractor/bagger to get some leaves picked up and we did scare the oak trees by taking away their acorns. They retaliated.

The ballot questions are heating up as we move into the final couple of weeks. It’s scary listening to all the advertisements. I don’t think I’ve heard a true statement in any of them. And that includes both sides. Sadly, the vast majority of people will only learn of the issues from those ads so, in my humble opinion, the issues will be decided by a mostly uninformed public.

I’ve made all my decisions. I’ll be voting “Yes” on the first four citizen initiatives and Question 7. On our local ballot, I’ll vote “No” on the bonding question. Just for the record, my “No” votes on the two bond questions I’ll face is consistent. I do think I was on the winning side on one of a bond question once. Over the years, I’ve been about 50-50 on other questions.

There’s an interesting situation on the petition drive that has stalled the implementation of that tax reform scam passed in the last legislature. The Constitutional time for the Secretary of State to act on those petitions has passed. If the state follows the Constitution, those petitions will be automatically certified and the question will face the voters in June.

The Secretary of State says he hasn’t had time to check the signatures, yet. Interestingly enough, he did have time to approve a different petition, one to send the casino question to voters once again. The organizers on that one simply don’t believe the voters who have voted down casino plans in Western Maine in at least two previous occasions and are trying again. That signature drive will be underway soon.

That gets us caught up to date just a little. Perhaps we can expand the items just a little in the near future.


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