Saturday, October 24, 2009

An October Weekend

"I'm resting up hoping my sister will be here to play this weekend."

The weekend is here and only half of it will be on the nice side. A rainy Saturday will turn into a mostly sunny Sunday, at least according to the TV weather folk.

We don’t have many plans for the weekend. If the ground dries out enough, there’ll probably be a tractor ride around the Gator countryside. The lawn could use a little evening off, but the bagging attachment does a super job in picking up leaves and things. Except acorns. I guess my oak trees are more than 50 years old since they rain their fruit onto my driveway and surrounding lawn. I hate acorns.

Gator Wife and I are, in all likelihood, in our final home; but if I ever were to look for another, even the hint of an oak tree within three miles would turn me away. Anyway, cleaning up acorns is another task on our agenda. The problem is the oaks see us doing it and then plot to rain even more down. Did I mention I hate acorns?

Gator Golden has one dumb fault. She eats acorns. Then she gets sick and returns them to the land. I think it’s the only fault she has, probably not but she never learns the relationship between eating those things and her upset stomach.

Gator Daughter may or may not be here this weekend. As usual, it will depend on the weather conditions. GD does love to bring her Golden here for the two dogs to get some socializing time with each other.

If the yard doesn’t dry out for the work on Sunday, well, there’s always next week. I hope you have a super weekend.


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