Friday, October 2, 2009

Just a few questions about some issues

Today should be nice. At least until late this afternoon when showers are expected to start moving in. It sort of looks like the weekend will be close to a washout with Saturday a definite rain and Sunday rain long enough to ruin a lot of plans.

But today should be nice. I’m expecting delivery of my seasonal fireplace wood this morning. It’s the kiln dried kind so it’ll be ready when the time comes to use it for warmth in the old Gator home. The wood guy told us we should get it put under cover as soon as possible as the wood could absorb moisture if it gets wet. Gator Wife and I will get it stacked under cover after she gets home for her job this noon.

With just a month and a day left before the November 3rd elections, the campaigns of the pro and con forces of several items are heating up and we can expect even more. I find it fascinating how the out-of-state money side of just about any of them is telling us the other side is using out-of-state money.

The people of this state should really look at the Tax Payer Bill of Rights (Tabor) ads. I’m in favor of setting limits to spending, but to listen to the vote no side, one would think the sky would fall if that one passes. Tabor doesn’t limit any spending. What it does do is say that if a city or town wants to spend more than an already allowed increase, then the voters will have to approve it. If the extra spending is really needed, then the government should be able to make a case to convince the voters. If they can’t, then the excess is probably not needed.

As for the argument that schools will suffer, well, schools aren’t even included in Tabor. The governor and the legislature took care of that last year when it passed the law requiring school budgets to be approved by the voters, whether they are increased or decreased. I don’t know how many school districts voted down the budgets last year, but it certainly wasn’t very many if any.

Have you noted how many people who want Tabor defeated are those people who you are supporting with your tax money?

A little change of pace here. Two or three weeks ago I told the story of my trip to Plymouth Rock and how surprised I was at the size of what’s left. I said I didn’t have a good picture of that rock to print here. Well, I found one. Can you imagine all those Pilgrims landing on this rock?

And finally for this Friday, I have another question; this one about a popular judge show on TV. Have you ever noticed how often, two or more times about every show, Judge Judy tells the person testifying to look her in the eye during the testimony? At the same time, have you ever noticed how often, throughout the whole darn show, she rarely looks the people in the eye as hers wander all over the place, most of the time way off to her right?

Have a great weekend, everyone, and keep dry.


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