Saturday, October 3, 2009

First October Weekend is a Wet One

Happy Weekend!

The weather probably isn’t the best we could have for the two days most people use for rest and relaxation, but with a little thought it can still be productive.

The weather folk told us Friday that Saturday will probably be the least favorable of the two days as showers probably will turn into rain during the day and even be heavy at times during the evening and early nighttime hours. There is a possibility the latter half of Sunday will see some sunshine, but for our little family the wetness of the ground will determine what we do outside.

Because she doesn’t like to have soggy doggies running around inside, Gator Daughter and her dog probably won’t be visiting Saturday as she regularly does when the weather permits. Any possible Sunday visit will be determined by conditions on Sunday.

We really don’t have a lot to do anyway. We took delivery of our fireplace wood Friday and Gator Wife and I got it all put safely away before it could get wet. The weather will give, especially her since she also works a part time job, a chance to catch up on some rest.

So, with the family stuff now shared, we hope you and your family will have a good, enjoyable weekend and will overcome the unstable weather.


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