Friday, October 30, 2009

Be very afraid!

I've isolated where the glitch (see post below) is. It is in my word processor. Copying my post to a different computer allows me to post. So at least I now know where the work is needed. Here is the 6 AM post I normally would have put here.

I’m a day early with this reminder, but in case you miss my upcoming weekend post, we turn our clocks back an hour tomorrow (Saturday) night when we go to bed. Daylight Savings Time ends for this year and Eastern Standard Time resumes at 2 AM Sunday morning.

Poor Gator Golden’s eating calendar will be thrown off. She knows exactly when it’s time for breakfast and supper. Being the mean old fogies we are, we’ll keep her on the same clock schedule so she’s going to be an unhappy little dog for a while.

That all will begin Sunday.

The Congressional House Democrats unveiled their version of health care reform yesterday before a selected audience. The general public, apparently because they knew the plan is so horrible the congress people didn’t want to face the criticism, was not permitted to attend.

This is one plan you’ll really want to read. Your Representatives won’t take the time to do it. If it should pass as is, it will totally end health coverage as we know it. It will not only establish a “public option,” the provisions of the plan will eventually lead to a single payer mandate.

The plan says you will have insurance of some kind or you will pay a tax. The proposed law includes on page 297 the establishment of a tax based you’re your disposable income for the tax year.

Another scary provision will be put in place if the federal fund paying the claims runs out of money. The proposed law says, The Secretary shall make such adjustments as are necessary to eliminate such deficit, including reducing benefits, increasing premiums, or establishing waiting lists. How do you like that waiting list provision?

A friend of mine has a relative who lives in Canada where those lists already exist and his relative had to wait more than a year just for the test which could lead up to a procedure after getting on another list. He said that is the norm in Canada.

You can read the almost two thousand page document for yourself here.

Now this is just their proposal and not yet law. There’ll be a lot of work both in the House and in committee to get the House and Senate bills together, but everyone should know what the Democrats are proposing for you. It is a financial disaster for every American because of the cost in spite of their saying it won’t add to the deficit.

We need only to look at the Dirigo Health plan offered in Maine as a public option to see how ineffective and costly a federal plan will be. Dirigo Health is a complete failure and our hospitals and other care providers are paying for it dearly as the state either just doesn’t or can’t pay its Medicaid bills. That is a leading reason why health care is so expensive in Maine. And we were told it would cost taxpayers nothing.

As for the federal reform plans, you should be afraid, very afraid, of how your health is going to be affected. Don’t take my word for it; I’m no one important. But don’t just listen to the talking heads on TV and radio about it as they’re only passing along the party lines. Read the law for yourself and be informed. I will warn you, it is not easy reading and appears to be designed to confuse you into believing how good it is.


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