Saturday, October 31, 2009

Because of the problems I'm having on my other computer, I thought I'd get my weekend post prepared just a little early. Shucks, it's a whole day early. That, of course, means I can't discuss the weekend weather, or much else for that matter, but at least it's a post change and light for the weekend.

Just a couple of important reminders, one for Saturday and the other for the weekend.

First, the Saturday one: It's Halloween. That means the streets and roadways will be teeming with little people seeking a treat so they won't have to trick you. If you're out and about in your vehicle, especially in the early evening hours, be sure to take it easy and be on the careful watch for those costumed monsters. Their minds will be far away from worrying about you so it's imperative that we keep a lookout for them and drive with extra care.

Now the second: This is the weekend when we turn our clocks back one hour. You know the old saying, "Spring forward, fall back." Daylight Savings Time ends at 2 AM Sunday morning and we return to Eastern Standard time for a few months. Before you go to bed Saturday night, turn back your clocks an hour and gain that hour of sleep you lost last spring. While you're at it, don't forget your thermostats. If you have automatic ones, they also need adjusting. I usually choose this time to change from summer to winter settings, too.

If you have smoke/carbon dioxide detectors in your home, this is also a good time to change your batteries. I'm a firm believer in the detectors, and I believe anything built in the last several years, must include them. Push the test button or other test yours might have to be sure they're still working properly. Replace broken ones and add them if you need to do so.

Enjoy your weekend, and Microsoft Word willing, there should be some new words here on Monday.


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