Monday, June 1, 2009

A Fantastic End to the month of May!

What a weekend that was! Saturday started out with a downpour as I got up. By seven the rain had all but stopped and Gator Wife headed over to the grocery story to pick up some breakfast food and some food for the grill later in the day. We had high hopes.

And we were not disappointed. Clearing had already begun to set in by the time she got home and around 8, the sun began to peek through. An hour later we were basking in the sun. Accompanied by some light breezes, the rising temperature dried off our lawn and shortly after noon, I headed out on the Green Machine. The lawn wasn’t even damp so the bagging attachment was very happy.

We’re probably now OK until Thursday, at least, for mowing. Saturday morning, the weather guy said we were going to have some cool nights during this week so I’m not sure just how much the grass will grow; but at least we don’t have to worry about it again for several days.

The Golden was very happy, too. Gator Daughter and her pup came over by mid-afternoon and that left the Golden Sisters quite a good time for playing. The weather was perfect for them. GW and GD stayed outside checking out the vegetable gardens. We have several veggies already poking through the ground. It looks like it’s going to be a great summer.

GD and dog stayed through the evening meal before an unexpected great day came to an end.

Then came Sunday. For the most part it too was a very nice day. Although the clouds were a little more prevalent and building during the day, we did get many looks at the sun and the temperature was rather nice, too, until that front passed late afternoon.

GD and her dog arrived late morning and she helped GW plant a few things as well as put down some seed for more flowers. As I’ve said many time, I don’t know names; I can only tell you some flowers were added to the gardens to complement the green bushes, trees, and lawn we have.

GD stayed for lunch but left for home early afternoon. She had some things to do at her place, too. The two dogs had their usual fun time together so I’d call Sunday a good day, too, and the whole weekend an unexpected pleasure. Some rains did come late Sunday afternoon and we did hear some thunder miles off in the distance, but by then we had enjoyed the weekend.

I took my camera outside three or four times to get some shots of the dogs playing, but each time I got there, they decided I was more interesting and wanted to play with me instead of each other. I don’t do rambunctious dogs very well so each time I retreated into the house for safety. Someday, though, I’ll succeed and show you the two pups playing together.

Last Friday I told my tale of woe with my cable TV service. If you need to be refreshed, you can find it a couple posts below this one or even easier, right here. My final words in that part of the post were, “Is the problem fixed this time? We’ll know within a couple of days. At least as of last night, everything was working properly.”

The problem wasn’t fixed and it took only until Saturday morning for the problem to once again rear its ugly head. This time I didn’t wait and immediately called the cable company. The phone technician did his long distance check and discovered all the numbers entering my home were just fine, right where they were supposed to be. But he did say there were a couple of red number returns on the box itself.

He said it looked like the box was defective and he’d have to have yet another technician over here sometime this week. That one would bring me a new box. The company is open Saturdays until mid afternoon so I asked if I could make the exchange and not have to wait. That was arranged and now I have a new (to me) cable box.

So, I ask again: Is the problem fixed this time? We’ll know within a couple of days. At least through the weekend, everything was working properly. But I’ve also begun comparing satellite services as I won’t put up too much longer with distorting HD pictures via cable.

By the way, there is one excellent thing I can say about the cable company. Their technicians are local and speak English. They are also easy to reach and do a great job with nerds like me. Now, if only that box were as efficient!


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