Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Could this be the end of the cable saga?

We’re told this morning that today is going to be one of those truly nice days, and, perhaps, the best day of the week. As I understand it, the weather folk seem to think that we’ll start going downhill again tomorrow afternoon. It will be a difficult for today to be much better than yesterday turned out to be once the sunny, blue skies took over by mid morning.

Wife Gator took the very long walk down the driveway yesterday to get the mail. When she got back, her comment was, “It’s very hot out there.” When I pointed out the temperature was only 78, she reminded my how raw it was yesterday. It was a wasted trip, however, for just three lousy pieces of pure junk mail.

This might be a good time to look somewhere else for entertainment today. What follows is what I would like to be the final chapter in my cable TV odyssey.

I had to spend some time yesterday morning after I got home from my senior fitness session watching some really terrible television. I’m probably one of the extremely few people who think ER is a dull show, and ER was on one of the HD stations I had to watch. I won’t get the title of one of the other ones correct but I think it was something like The Belle Air Prince. Watching these two shows reminded me why I never watched them when they were first run in prime time.

The third was a talking head talk show, something like Mike and Mike in the Morning.

They were on the three HD stations that the cable guy had determined were my worst enemy for the last three months. They were the ones that were breaking up the most and most often. He didn’t say I never had trouble anywhere else as he knew I had; but he was confident that if these three could be straightened out, then my troubles would be over.

I told you that last week this guy, who certainly sounded more like he knew what was happening than any of the others that have been here or talked to me on the phone did. He really ran a bunch of tests Friday that I hadn’t seen anyone do previously. He told me at the time it would take a little longer to get the problem straightened out, but he thought he know what the situation was. He had to escalate the situation to get the guys responsible for the line wires involved.

Over the weekend working in extremely early morning hours just after midnight, they ran their own tests and apparently found a nodal problem. Just after midnight Tuesday morning when the fewest customers would be disturbed, the node or whatever the thing is was apparently replaced. I had been asked to watch the channels yesterday morning to see if the operation was a success.

My TV has never worked so well. Not only those three channels but also all of my HD channels were crisper and clearer. The colors were…shucks, I should be writing in the present tense and say “are”…brilliant. There was absolutely no “pixelizing,” a term some of the cable guys called what was happening on my set.

The newest cable guy called me yesterday noontime to get a report. I told him all seemed OK, but the real test would be when the College World Series afternoon game was broadcast on ESPN2HD. I agreed to make the sacrifice to watch the game. Not one picture/sound problem occurred. Not one. The same was true on all the other HD stations I occasionally checked throughout the day.

This cable guy has done everything he said he would do and now he’s planning to call me at the end of the week for a final, we both hope, report. Meanwhile, he has given me his personal cell number for me to call if I do have any more problems between now and then.

I sure do hope this marks the end of a very long cable company ordeal. The company could use a whole lot more cable guys like Don. I should point out again, though, that the cable company has treated me nicely. This month, for example, I got a credit on my bill.

I don’t know what it will be, yet, but I guess I’ve got to find another running topic to fill my life.


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