Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Change can be difficult for Seniors (in age)

I don’t have a lot to say today. I suspect there may be just a few people who say I don’t have much to say any day. I think the weather has gotten to me once again and that has put me into a “funk” mood. Today is Tuesday so I did make my early trip to the physical therapy place where I have a senior fitness routine. The body should be returning to normal as this day progressives and a high pressure system takes over the area. Tomorrow…oh, boy, tomorrow…has the makings of being a mighty fine day.

I can’t say it all went well, that senior fitness session; I can’t say it all went poorly, either. It was just a completion of the routine. My Fearless Friend and I have had an exchange about exercising lately. Understand, he’s just a young fellow, at least a year younger, than I, so he’s if far better shape. He does exercising, too, but all at home.

One thing about crossing that 70 years mark is that various parts of the body do strange things. For an example, his thumb hurts when the weather gets bad and it’s my little finger that becomes bent all out of shape and hurts. There are other bones and joints my body that react very unpleasantly to the weather, as well.

I’m writing this early, long before I spend a lot of time with my HD cable channels. The cable guy that was here last Friday informed me yesterday that transmission wire technicians had found a defective node in the transmission line and were going to replace something during the very wee hours this morning. I sure do hope they succeed in finally getting my months long problem resolved.

There’s a sort of good news this morning. WCSH-TV, Ch. 6, reported last night that TD Banknorth has announced it will be hiring up to 500 people to staff a call center in Auburn. That’s good news as it could mean jobs for a lot of people in that area. Good news, however, is often accompanied by difficult news, although not in that news story. Note: I said “difficult” not “bad.”

I bank with TD Banknorth. When I visited their website yesterday, I was informed that a whole new way of doing on-line banking was about to take effect. I’m at an age when I really don’t like change, especially when it comes to things like on-line banking. I’ve gotten used to the bank’s present site and move around it with speed and ease. The new web site looks even easier.

It’s the Quicken part that will take a lot of work. I downloaded a very long PDF file from the bank that gives me instructions on how to convert my on-line banking and bill paying capabilities in Quicken from the current system to their new one. The only thought I had when I printed the thing out was, “This doesn’t look good. Anytime I have to get a 13 page instruction on how to convert a familiar system to a new one has just plain got to be a very bad omen indeed.”

The change won’t have to be completed for another few weeks; but I sure do hope this is one time I’m really making a giant hill out of an ant hill. Yea, I know that’s not the correct quote, but it says what I want to say. I sure do hope in several weeks I can tell you I had all that worry for nothing and that it was “a snap.”

And, also from WCSH-TV, finally, another bit of news, although not surprising and anticipated for months. The Portland Press Herald and Maine Sunday Telegram, along with newspapers in Augusta and Waterville, the web presence often quoted here, MaineToday.com, and other holdings of the Seattle, WA, based Blethen Newspapers in Maine were officially and finally sold yesterday to a group of investors led by Maine native Richard L. Connor. He’s the CEO of the buyers’ group, MaineToday Media, Inc.

It will be interesting to see how, if, the newspaper changes. A more balanced reporting of the news and more reporting of local and Maine news could go a long way to getting readers back to the paper. Some honest investigating reporting could help, too. There’ll be a lot of us outsiders watching to see what happens before we return to the paper.


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