Thursday, June 11, 2009

These "late" nights have got to stop!

It would appear the weather gods have made a few changes around our little area. Yesterday morning, we were told today would have rain most of the day. By last night, all that had changed as the front that is guiding the low pressure systems has moved further south than expected yesterday morning. That could leave us virtually without any rain at all today and the lows that give my body fits may be just a little too far south to bother me.

That certainly was the case at my senior fitness session today. Although there was a little discomfort in the joints and back, I was able to work hard on my routine and, if exercise makeup is possible, I made up some of the loss from Tuesday.

Now we look forward to tomorrow. The report this morning was we will get some rain. I guess it would be best to wait to see what tonight says.

They did it again last night, those Boston Red Sox. And again they kept me up to watch this great rivalry between Red Sox and the Yankees. Tim Wakefield, who’s having a rather nice year this year, left the game with a 6 to 3 lead and that “best in the league” bullpen took over. It became just a little dicey as the first two batter facing, including former Soxer Johnny Damon, reliever Ramon Ramirez put the ball over the fence.

But then the relievers settled down and Jonathon Papelbon put the do it to it in the ninth. I guess I’ve got one more night of watching baseball ahead of me. As you know, I rarely stay up to watch games passed ten o’clock. I should point out that neither of these games kept me up much beyond that time.

It looks to me like the governor is not a keeper of his word. He had promised no new broad based taxes this year. The Legislature sent him a tax package that has so many new taxes that will affect everyone, thus broad based, that we all will see less money in our pockets. Yesterday the governor suggested some tweaks to the bill but it remains very broad based. Only a complete veto and a lot more work would provide the kind of tax reform we need. I guess we now know about how good the governor’s word is.

We also can now expect insurance rates to increase. The governor signed a bill to tax your medical bills. You won’t specifically see that tax as it’s designed to be paid by the insurance companies. Like all such fees and taxes, they get built into what you pay somehow. The money is supposed to fund the state’s Dirigo health plan. Why the government continues to spend millions and millions of dollars for fewer than 11-thousand people is beyond me. Republicans have introduced plans to make health care more affordable for everyone, but the Democrats simply want you to pay exorbitant costs.

Another health bill signed by the governor would, among other things, require doctors and hospitals to post on line or in their offices the prices charged for the various cares you get. More expenses for the doctors and hospitals that will get passed along to you. I’ll remember next time I have a life threatening heart attack to tell the paramedics to hold off until I do some comparison shopping on line.

I think I’ll be very glad when this legislature comes to a close in the extremely near future. I can’t afford any more of their foolishness.


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