Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Nice June Weekend

The weekend has arrived and the weatherman says we’ll generally have nice weekend weather. Nice weather is always nice.

We won’t be changing any normal weekend routines on the Gator Homestead this weekend. The Saturday half will see Gator Daughter here for lunch. After lunch, Gator Wife and GD are heading out to flower stores to fulfill a promised Mother’s Day present. GD had told her mother she was giving her some new plants for that day’s honor, but wanted to wait until better weather. This weekend is that better weather.

Gator Golden did what she perceives as her main job: Awakening
us at the crack of first light. Then she settles in behind "Mom's"
chair and takes a nap until breakfast time.

I’m not sure if they’ll put the new stuff into the ground Saturday as I think the plan is to wait until Sunday when GD and her dog will be here again. I’ll probably wait until they get home to make the lawn mowing decision…Saturday or Sunday.

GD is leaving her pup home when she comes Saturday. I’d guess whether they pick the dog up on the way home will be determined by how long it takes to find the plants they want. Gator Golden may have to wait until Sunday this weekend for her playmate.

With breakfast out of the way, GG, who knows it's the weekend,
begins her vigil paitently awaiting the arrival of her playmate.

It’s not much for this weekend as it’s basically just more of the same stuff. So we’ll spend it working on material for Monday when GiM continues.


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