Saturday, May 30, 2009

Where did May go?

It seems like it was just a few days ago that I was mentioning the last weekend in April. Already May has flown past and it ends this weekend. We got a little hope Friday that with the end of May also comes the end of several days of rainy weather. A shower or two, perhaps, may appear in various places around the state, but most of us will see some clearing.

Gator Trio plus two four-“pawers” will be playing the whole weekend solely by watching the skies. If they are promising, Gator Daughter and her pup will be at our house. Weather permitting, I suspect GD and Gator Wife will spend much time outdoors looking at the things that they’re growing.

Even Gator Golden is keeping an eye on the outside to see if that rain is here or not. She knows no rain means she gets a playmate.

I know that this is the season for mowing about three times every ten days. We last mowed last Monday so you can guess what the lawn looks like. It’s pretty much like lawns just about all over the region needing to be cut. Unfortunately, mine has to be rather dry if I want to bag the long clippings. My green and yellow machine has a long upward curved chute that tries to get the grass into the bags at the rear. If the grass is even just slightly damp, it never makes it.

All lawn mowers aren’t like this machine. My next door neighbor does contract yard work all summer and has a couple of those Walker lawn mowers. He doesn’t care what the dampness of the grass is. His lawns get mowed regularly, wet or not. Those machines suck it all up with ease, but they don’t have those upward curved chutes. Of course each of them cost about four times as much as my rider.

When I see him doing his own yard, I envy him both for the speed and ease of zero degree turning and vacuuming. Then I remember the price of that thing and keep on riding on my green and yellow machine.

All that leads into my mowing our yard this weekend. The grass is getting rather tall and ragged, but whether I venture out onto it depends entirely upon the weather and the wetness of the grass. Perhaps either Saturday or Sunday will allow it.

What we do know is if GD and her dog come over, the grill out on the deck will get some use. We’re not known on the Gator Homestead to go hungry.

There is one unhappy ending to this weekend. Gator Wife’s one week vacation from her part time job comes to an end. She’ll be heading out Monday morning to return to her three mornings of doing whatever she does there. I think she wanted to figure out this past week if she could be happy not working outside the home. She got a taste, but I haven’t figured out yet if it were enough.

I hope you’re enjoying your weekend and I’ll be back Monday morning with the tales of an Old Buck Gator and his family and friends.



Anonymous said...

GG is expressing the thoughts and wishes of many as she looks out for a little relief from all this dampness. A day with a playmate under some sunny skies can be a wonderful thing. I hope that all her wishes come true this weekend.
Mrs. FF

GiM said...

Good morning, Mrs. FF. GG is looked a minute ago and saw the rain had stopped...for now. So now she's planted by the window where she can hear GD's car arrive. Animals can be fun. I'd bet she'd thank you for the weekend wishes, if she could.