Saturday, May 16, 2009

A planting weekend

Happy Weekend! As you know, I stay away from any heavy stuff during weekends and just mention some of the Gator family plans. For most people weekends are days of rest, family, and fun. There are five other days to give my rants and raves about things politic and stuff like that. And since the weekend post stays around for two days, news type situations could change and be outdated before the Monday discussions arrives.

So it is this weekend. The weather is sort of going to cooperate with us. Saturday will start out with very nice weather, cloud up during the day and bring some showers late in the day and overnight. Those showers won’t last too long into Sunday morning and there is just a possibility we’ll see some sunshine before the day is done.

Gator Daughter will be by late Saturday morning. She will, of course, have her golden retriever with her and that will give Gator Golden a chance to do some socializing with her sister. It is always fun to watch them romp, chase and tackle each other and never lose their cool.

GD will give our two vegetable gardens a final churn and then I believe shaved steak sandwiches with the appropriate complements, yea, condiments, too, will be the menu choice at lunch. The two ladies will then put the vegetable seeds into place. If the overnight showers are just that, showers, it’ll be a perfect beginning for a summer of good eats.

The wetness of the soil will determine whether the tomato, pepper, cucumber, summer squash, I think those are the ones GW has this year, get put into the ground Sunday or not. In fact the ground condition will determine if GD and her dog even come over Sunday. She’s thinking of trying a potato hill or two, too.

That sort of leaves me, doesn’t it? I completed the only outdoor chore I do Friday. I’m not a person who gets any enjoyment out of playing in the dirt. It hasn’t always been that way. When GW and I were first married back in the very early 1960s, her dad gave us several 40’ rows to plant and I was in his field every afternoon. GW canned, froze, and canned some more and we ate our own vegetables all winter long.

But those days are over. My main yard activity in these seasons is mowing the lawn and that chore was completed yesterday. It was started Thursday but my tractor doesn’t like to bag when the grass gets even a tiny hint of moisture. So I took the bagger off the machine and completed the mowing. Because I don’t have mulching blades, the clippings come out a side chute and really look awful on the lawn.

Our irrigation guy came by Friday morning and turned on the system and gave it a good check for leaks, etc. Since it did give a short watering to the lawn, I had to wait until Friday afternoon for it to dry. Then with bagger back in place, the machine became a vacuum cleaner. The lawn is now beautiful again.

Let’s see. You’ve read about my complaining about the snow blower in the winter and now the bagger. It may have a great reputation but there’s a good chance I’d neither recommend nor buy another green and yellow yard machine.

So, me for the weekend? I just might be able to find some sports on TV to watch. That’ll give me some time to try to plan for the week ahead. I hope you have a great weekend and I’ll be back with you Monday.


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