Saturday, May 23, 2009

A celebration weekend

Memorial Day Weekend. This is the weekend we visit the gravesites of our fallen heroes and decorate their final resting places honoring their services to our country. We also visit the gravesites of our family members and make sure they’re cleaned up and spruced up following a long, winter’s quiet there. And many communities even go further with parades and other festivities to be sure we remember those who sacrificed so we can have your great country.

The Gator Trio and two dogs will also spend a lot of time together this long weekend. All three days will be dedicated to getting the final yard chores done, and it looks like we’ll have the great weather to do it. Saturday will be rather light with mostly Gator Wife finishing up her weeding activity. Gator Daughter will spend a lot of her time giving our Goldens a good romp. Naturally, a meal, probably a sandwich type, will be included.

Sunday will be a full work day for both GW and GD. They’re planning the final push to get all the planting areas mulched and ready for enjoying the beauty of spring, summer, and fall. They have planted the vegetable gardens, but you know simply planting does not even come close to all the work that has to be done through the entire growing season.

We are planning our holiday barbecue for Sunday evening’s meal. GD will do the cookout grilling duties with some steaks. I’ll be making my World Famous, at least in the little corner of the world we call the Gator homestead, onion rings. GW will take care of the other things, like the salad, we normally have with our steak dinners.

And Sunday will be our visiting day. The gals will spend the remainder of the day finishing up the outside. What about the Old Gator Dude? Well, traditional little chuckle here, unless the lawn screams at me for some attention, I’ve got outdoor work pretty well figured out. ‘Nuff said.

Since this is a holiday, happy time weekend, I’m going to keep this edition of GiM just a little shorter than usual. Also, I might mention that Gator Wife has begun a week’s vacation from her part time job and will be home all week, so I’m not sure just what we’ll be doing for the week. So, if I should miss a post, worry not, we may bite that economic bullet and just take off for parts unknown.

I hope you have a happy Holiday weekend and we’ll be back next Tuesday. Maybe.


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