Saturday, May 9, 2009

It's a Mom's Weekend!

Oh boy. Another weekend is here. That means we’ll have another few hours with our daughter who spends many of them with us. Of course the weather will be the ultimate control over her coming or not. If it rains much, she doesn’t like a soggy doggy roaming around the house. The early forecast for Saturday is for some sunny skies for just a little while, then the clouds will roll in with the chance of showers throughout the afternoon and even some thunder showers Saturday evening.

Sunday isn’t expected to be very nice with showers and very windy conditions as a low front passes through our area. I have written about those weather forecasts for a long time now, and I’ve learned the best forecaster is the weather itself whenever it happens.

Our weekend activities are about to begin as I write this. It’s Saturday morning and in just a few minutes, Gator Wife and I will be heading to the town dump to take advantage of a once-a-year day when we can take just about any non-hazardous waste from appliances to furniture to yard brush and just about anything in between to a dumping spot.

We can rid our home of everything and all we can get into the vehicle, whether it be a car, SUV, pickup truck. I liked it better when we had the roadside pickup at our house, but this is a decent alternative. We packed GW’s SUV last night and we couldn’t get another toothpick into it. There’s barely enough room for the two of us.

The rest of Saturday remains a puzzle. Gator Daughter wants to wait at her home in the morning so she can mow her lawn once it dries enough. We’re hoping she can get it done in time to come at least for some lunch and a little visit time with us and so our dogs can get a good romp and play time together. Of course it depends entirely on the weather.

Sunday is even more of a puzzle as once again we’ll be in the hands of the weather gods. Nice weather equals a visit and possibly some garden work. Not so nice weather…well, we’ll have to wait and see. We do know that GD will be here at least for a while, probably through lunch, so she can honor her mother on Mother’s Day. Mother and daughter have developed a great relationship, even though GD tells us that there were times she ‘hated’ her mother (and me, too) when she was a teenager. I guess it goes with the territory.

We probably will get a phone call from our son from the west coast, too. He usually doesn’t miss holidays, birthdays, etc.

While I’m on the topic, let me wish the mother of my children a great day Sunday and to Mothers everywhere, I hope you are blessed with a very happy Mother’s Day.

Speaking of mowing the lawn, we got ours done Friday. Because of all the forecasts all week that said every day would have showers at least until next Tuesday, we didn’t anticipate giving the lawn a shave until at least then. But the Gator homestead had nothing but sunshine all day. By noontime, we were able to get outside and get some unbelievably long grass cut. The weather was absolutely beautiful.

The phone was ringing when GW and I came inside. Gator Daughter informed us it was raining cats and dogs and she was having thunder and lightning at her house. In spite of the suggestion one not make calls during a thunder storm, she wanted to be sure we were O.K. We were; we weren’t getting any storm.

That’s what the Gator weekend looks like and we plan on making the best of it. I hope you make the best of yours, too, and join me again when I return here Monday morning.


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