Saturday, May 2, 2009

Our weekend plans halted by the flu

The Gator Clan isn’t in for the happiest of weekends. That blasted H1N1 swine flu has disrupted at least half of the weekend. No, like 99.9999 percent of the rest of the country and 99.9997 percent of Mainers, no one in my family is afflicted. However, Gator Daughter is in a human resources position at the hospital where she works and was called in to work a Saturday shift.

She needs to be there “just in case” one of the employees begins to feel poorly and needs some assistance, like having someone called. I really can’t explain what a benefits specialist has to do with all this simply because I have no idea and I didn’t ask when she called last evening to tell us she wouldn’t be here.

It does change the plans for Gator Wife and me. Well, for GW, at least. She and our daughter had planned to do some work outside in the gardens. The light showers that have passed through our region Friday night into Saturday morning wouldn’t have stopped them. I’m not exactly sure what those plans were, but GW has been speaking of clearing out some leftover weeds and winter clutter Saturday.

They had planned to put down some mulch stuff Sunday, along with some weed inhibitor. I’d be surprised if they get to do that part of their weekend plans, either. It will depend on what ambition is left from GD’s Saturday stint.

I’ll start feeling just a little sad for Gator Golden. She won’t understand why a Saturday came but no playmate. You can bet she’ll be at the window at ten o’clock watching for GD’s car to be coming down the driveway. No matter what we say to her, it’ll be at least noon before she begins to realize she won’t have her friend here.

She knew it was early but she also knew this was the day
her sister and playmate visit. So she got an early look
out the window hoping she would come. She won't
this Saturday.

No matter how the plans change for Sunday, GD and her dog will be here for a while, including a noon meal. If the weather permits, I believe a little grilling will be in order.

So I don’t have a whole lot to say this first weekend in May as events of the world have played a little part in the lives of the Gator clan. We had plans but as I jot this down on the Saturday morning, I know they’ve changed and all we’ll be doing is winging it.

I would never have guessed the flu overreaction would play such a part in the lives of this little family. In any event, I hope you have a great weekend and I’ll be back Monday morning.


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