Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Day!

May Day. Today is the first day of May. This day at one time had some pretty special meanings, especially to kids. Darned if I remember what they were, though. Remember dancing around the Maypole? I don’t, either, but somewhere deep in the recesses of ever growing more feeble brain at least is the memory of people talking about it.

Earlier this week my lawn was brown, dusty, on its last legs. I was beginning to think there was little hope that my grass would ever be pretty again. Last weekend, the lawn received its April feeding, but by Monday nothing had happened. It was still a very discouraging sight.

Then the rains came. We went to bed Monday night with an absolutely dead lawn. It rained all day Tuesday, or at least a goodly part of it. We awoke yesterday to a beautiful green lawn. It is amazing what just one day of rain can do to help nature’s miracles. Some might think the feeding I gave the lawn last week may have had something to do with it, but my neighbors’ lawns are also green. As I ride around my town, I see green everywhere. All in one day.

The hard part of this greening and springing into life of the lawn is that it is also growing at a race pace. There’s a good chance I’ll have to take my first tractor ride of the year this weekend. I have a rather large grassy area so having a riding lawn mower is a necessity. That mean green (and yellow) machine serves as my riding snow blower in the winter.

My new TV came yesterday right on time. It’s a beauty. I couldn’t make the cable box do the things I’ve been told my cable box can do. There are times when I feel very inadequate. On this occasion, though, I shouldn’t have. The problem was with my box, not me. Seems TW didn’t have its program set correctly and so my box was effectively inactive. Someone forgot to tell the TW computer that I had a new box and it was trying to read the settings from my old one.

The great technical service at the local district TW office, Jim this call, immediately discovered the problem and after some diddling and fiddling on his end, he sent a new signal to my box and it soared into life. All the things I had been told could be done could now be done. Those HD pictures are really something else, just as spectacular as several folks have told me they were.

This Thursday started off like most Thursday’s do. At my Senior Fitness session at a physical therapy center. I may have mentioned that one of the group is an ardent Montreal Canadiens hockey fan. He drives from his home to Montreal for all the home games as a season ticket holder. You may wonder why he’s such a strong Hab fan and not a Boston Bruins fan. Simple, he was born in Montreal and has followed his “home” team for many years.

Today, with the Habs now trailing Philadelphia 3 games to 1 in the best of seven playoff series, and since today could be the last time the group at the therapy center could razz him, he was the butt of many jokes. It doesn’t help that the therapist in charge of this facility is a Philadelphia fan as he was born there. What a combination. I can’t recall ever going to a professional center that had a crying towel hanging on the wall. It was a fun time there this morning.

I’m almost surprised the crew at the therapy center hadn’t constructed a Maypole. It might have been fun seeing them dancing around it when the Canadien fan arrived for his session this morning. Happy May Day to you.


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