Saturday, May 31, 2008

An End; A Beginning!

Today is the 31st day of May. It sure seems like the month has just flown by. It was a busy month, especially for my wife and daughter. They spent a goodly portion of it preparing and planting the flower and vegetable gardens around the house. It was also a month that seemed to free the soul from winter's confinement, even though April wasn't too bad, either.

But now June comes. Even though Maine's official summer began a week ago, the real thing will arrive in just a few weeks. For our family, there's a little sadness this season as the high price of gasoline will keep us rather close to home. Our annual vacation trip has been cancelled as we must begin saving for what could be a devastating winter oil price.

Yesterday I wrote about a problem I’m having installing Mozilla's FireFox web browser on my Vista run laptop computer. The problem is once I begin the install process, FireFox needs to access its home site to complete the process. A little research on the web site of my Internet Security program revealed some fascinating information. I think. As I read the answer to my inquiry, it appeared that the security program that came installed on my computer does not support Vista. Bummer!

There is always the possibility I read the information incorrectly. After all, it was a long day and this old mind was beginning to get weary. It’s also possible I got duped by Dell. I’ve looked at three different sites now, including the internet suite’s site, the FireFox site, and Dell. They all give me the same basic information: the version of Trend Micro PC-cillin Internet Suite that came bundled with my Dell is not Vista compatible. It seems inconceivable to me that a company like Dell would bundle a non-Vista compatible software program on its Vista computers. I’ve sent a request for an explanation to Dell which could be interesting. Meanwhile, anyone who buys a Vista run computer from Dell had better do a better job at asking questions than I did.

Here’s an update on some information I should have mentioned earlier this week. Two weeks ago I mentioned that my daughter was using her spare time studying for a certification test that she’s spent more than two years preparing for. She had passed all the intermittent tests along the way and this one would end her quest. I’m proud to say she is now one of the most certified employee benefits people in Maine.

We did have some light showers overnight and the forecast for today is light rain and showers, possible a clap of thunder or two. In fact, a fairly strong thunder storm just rolled through my area. I guess my desire for rain yesterday came true and I won’t be out mowing my lawn today. My machine does extremely poorly bagging even damp grass so mowing wet stuff is an absolute no-no. We need this rain, however. Even though we’ve run our irrigation system a couple of times recently, both my lawn and my wife’s flower and vegetable gardens are powder dry. Even though it’s a weekend, we really need a couple of days of a light, steady, soaking rain.

The wetness outside means my wife will be working inside. That means I’ll be working inside. She’s been doing spring cleaning and today it’s the kitchen’s turn. She’s a little behind most people in the spring cleaning department but that’s because she has spent a lot of her time outdoors preparing and planting her gardens. A redecorating of a room/porch has also consumed a lot of her time. So today, possibly tomorrow, too, she’ll be going through the kitchen cupboards, straightening them out, and after my cake adventure with an old box of mix finding and tossing outdated stuff.

My guess is she won’t decide until Sunday what we’ll do then. We’ll have to wait until then to see what the weather brings. Bad weather will keep us inside; good weather will put us outside with her in her gardens and me riding around on my lawnmower.

The weekend has arrived. I hope you have a great one and won’t let the weather get you down. We’ll be back again Monday.


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