Monday, May 5, 2008

My "love" for waiting hasn't changed.

It seems to me it was just a few days ago when I wrote how much I hate to wait. Well, here I am in another waiting game. This time I’m waiting for the water district to come to replace my water meter. The district has changed to a different kind of meter, one that allows meter reader to either just drive by and collect the reading automatically or perhaps slow down to a crawl and aim his little device at the meter.

The district tells us it’ll save them money and be an improvement in service. Isn’t that what all businesses say when the make changes? Of course to save me this money, the price of water had to go up. And, as I said one day last week, I have this little feeling in my gut that this new meter will increase my usage, too. I don’t know why, it’s just that gut feeling.

The district called and said it didn’t want to inconvenience me with this changeover so they gave me a time frame in which they would arrive. It was a four hour time frame in the afternoon. I thought that was very nice of them so that I could plan my day around their visit.

At least this morning I was able to go to the blood place for my bi-monthly draw to check something called INR. It determines if clots I have are in danger of breaking away and heading to a place that could cause very unnice results. I had those clots for 8 years now and no one wants to do much about them. Except have my arm poked every two weeks.

I had that poking down to monthly for a while, but then several weeks ago I succumbed to the desire to have a garden salad. Garden salads, as you know, contain green things. Green things contain vitamin K which cancels the effect of the Coumadin I take to control that INR stuff. I honestly thought that having one garden salad a week before my draw wouldn’t affect the test results. I was wrong. After a couple of years of having the blood under control, the draw after the salad went whacky.

My doctor has been fiddling with the medication doses to try to get the blood back to my normal and is almost there. I’ll sure be glad to get back first to three week then monthly draws again. But as I tell people who ask about my condition, I point out the only thing that counts is waking up in the morning. So far, I’ve been doing that with some regularity.

My water meter is very far away from my house. The district put it there so it wouldn’t be responsible for the water line from the street to the house. Since the meter is way down at the end of the driveway, I asked why I had to be home when it was changed. I was told they have to shut the water off in the house, swap out the meter, then turn the water back on and test it to be sure it’s working OK. So, for four hours today, I could go nowhere, just wait, patiently.

Mid-afternoon update: My wait is over. For today. The water district postponed today's appointment until June. A day wasted. If I'm not patient today, think just how I'll be next month. Oh, the next sentence says, "I'm not angry..." I don't think "happy" would be a good substitute.

I’m not patient. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not angry, either; and I probably wouldn’t have gone anywhere anyway. It’s just the idea I can’t. And that doesn’t create a happy feeling. Most people can busy themselves with productive things when they’re waiting. Not me. I can’t concentrate on reading. I can’t put together a puzzle. I can’t do crosswords. I just watch for whatever it is I’m waiting for.

But when replacing the meter is all done, I’m assured I’ll be part of a much more efficient system that will save the district money, thus save me money. Sure!


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