Friday, May 2, 2008

Irrigation, High Def, Just Friday

It seems like it was just yesterday when I wrote that another Friday was upon us. I then discussed how fast these weeks seem to be flying by. Here it is again. Another Friday. I’m not sure I like the speed at which my time on this Earth is passing by. Don’t get this wrong; I’m not ready to say “Goodbye,” and I’m not unhappy with my life. It’s just that these darn Fridays are coming too often and too fast.

Today is the day the water guy is scheduled to come by to turn on my irrigation system. That is a task I could easily do myself, but the water guy goes around and checks all those little gadgets that pop up out of the ground when the water comes on. If they need replacement or adjusting, he takes care of it right then. I probably could do those tasks myself, too; but getting down on the ground and then getting up again, especially that getting up part, can be an adventure for me.

As I’ve mentioned numerous times my wife has several gardens around our property, including a couple devoted to fresh vegetables. I think I’m going to ask the water guy today if a couple of my zones can be reconfigured so that they will only do the veggie gardens when the rest of the yard might not need the water as much.

Speaking of water, next week Portland Water District is coming by to change my water meter from its present “stop and read” device to one where all the meter reader has to do is literally just drive by. I’m a skeptic. I suspect I’ll see a change in my water usage as a result and thus higher bills. That’s another reason I’d like to isolate the veggie gardens to conserve some water.

The more I watch my new HDTV the more I like it. After getting it properly programmed yesterday by the nice guy at Time Warner, the picture is clearer and all the cute little parts of the toy, the remote control and cable box, are working. I’m absolutely amazed at the clearer picture on our local channels on the HD channels than on the old analog channels. Now I’ll be even happier when the locals broadcast using their own HD cameras so that the full screen can be utilized.

Just goes to show, doesn’t it, how the more we have the more we want. I had no real desire to have this HD stuff, well, maybe a small desire, until my old analog TV began its final journey last week. Now that I have High Definition channels, I want even more, and I want my local stations to get their own High Def cameras.

This is an easy day for me. In fact all these fast arriving Fridays are easy days. My wife works her part time job on Fridays so I get a day of rest. I do some of the light housekeeping stuff for her, like the laundry, so that she can have weekends for her favorite activity: working outdoors. Vacations and some transfers have made the department in the food market in which she works a little short handed. She’s been asked if she could possibly work a few extra hours next week to help fill in voids. She will because she’s she, but we all know what “a few extra hours” means to a corporate giant.

I’m not sure what happened to the nice, warm weather we had a while back, but today continues to be rather cool. Actually, I find it rather cold. The weather woman on the TV this morning said an afternoon sea breeze will keep it cool along the coast. I’m doing what I can to make it easy for Momma Gator to go outside tomorrow to work, but it may be too cool. Certainly can’t plant right now. Maybe she’ll help me clean up the dog leavings (she is her dog) so I can mow.

Now I think I’ll try to find a way to slow down the arrival of next week’s Friday.


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