Thursday, May 22, 2008

Donuts and late night work

We crossed the hump and Thursday has arrived. This will be a light day for us so my wife can get some rest. I began with my regular trip to South Portland to visit the physical therapy place. I went through my routines along with others going through theirs. It was a very lively group this morning as the joking and kidding was just flying around the room. All in good, clean fun, of course.

On the way home I got a huge call from a donut shop as I passed by. For more than a year I’ve resisted stopping but this morning the yell was too loud. I took a couple donuts home for my wife and me to enjoy. As I was picking out the ones I wanted, all I could think about was the ridiculousness of working hard in an exercise program and the stopping by a donut store.

My wife seemed a little pleased I brought home donuts. We hadn’t had any breakfast this morning before I headed out and those little cakes would taste rather good. They did, but I warned her that this was not going to become a habit. She agreed it shouldn’t. But this one time indulgence was very good. Already, though, I thinking I should head back to the exercise place.

Part of my wife’s part time job is making food platters on special order. She’s very good at it. Her store got a call this week from its local corporate headquarters to order a huge amount of platters for tomorrow. The store takes great pride in the freshness and made to order quality of the platters. There have been many days when my wife has gone to work at five in the morning just to make platters for that day.

The size of this order, though, makes starting at 5 AM and finishing in time an impossibility. So my wife agreed to “pull an all-nighter” and take the daytime tomorrow off. She and her department manager will begin at ten tonight and work all night to have the platters completed in time. To add to the complication is a desire by the company that these platters be packaged differently. She won’t be home until after six tomorrow morning.

WG (wife gator) has decided, correctly I think, to take it easy today. I suspect she’ll get in several deep naps especially beginning this afternoon so she’ll be able to work that all-nighter. I probably won’t see much of her tomorrow, either.

Nevertheless, she seems to really like doing this work and she especially likes using the money for our vacations. A couple of years ago, for example, she took us for a month long trip. We took a train to Seattle and another one to Vancouver where we boarded a cruise ship to begin a 15-day journey through Alaska. Another cruise ship got us back to Vancouver, a bus ride to Seattle and Amtrak back home. And most of all of that cost came from her part time job.

I should mow our lawn today, but it’ll probably wait until Saturday. With the cost of gas as it is, I’m afraid the lawn will get just a little longer between cuttings. Up until this year we had mowed twice a week at least through most of the summer. This season that mowing will probably be reduced to one a week or sometimes even longer.

The price of that gas will also probably keep us closer to home this summer. We have always liked to take vacation trip to near Lancaster, PA, where there are three theaters we like to visit. There also is a model railroad museum there which I like to visit. But, I’m afraid that trip won’t be taken this year, and perhaps not again for a long time.

So that’s the way it is in our little spot of Maine this Thursday.


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