Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mother's Day and a Trip to the Dump

It would appear that the weather people earlier this week missed today’s weather forecast. It is a little chilly, just under 60 degrees at this ten o’clock hour, but the sun is shining through some partly cloudy skies. The rain storm the meteorologist types thought might hit us left the United States way south of Maine; and even though Massachusetts and points south got a lot of rain yesterday, we were spared.

We are told we could get a few light showers before the day is over, but the day families eagerly await should be nice and for the most part sunny. Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. I don’t know what awaits my wife tomorrow. Both our kids have long ago left the nest and one lives out on the West Coast. Our daughter will probably do something to make the day a nice one. Her Mother’s Day gifts are given all year long as she comes over and helps her mother in the gardens and more often than not, bring her plants to plant on this holiday.

My wife and I adopted an unusual agreement way back when we were first married more than 45 years ago. I don’t remember now how it came about, but for the first few years of our marriage, Mother’s and Father’s Days were simply not celebrated, except for things we did or sent (my parents lived in Florida) to our parents on their respective days. Neither of us has them still with us.

Once we had kids, we gave little token presents to set examples for our children so they would understand the day. But we tried to instill in them that what we do for our parents all year long is equally or more important. As you can determine from a couple paragraphs above, our daughter learned her lesson well.

I guess as far as the actual “Days” were concerned, we adopted the “She’s not my mother and I’m not her father” attitude. Cold, aren’t we?

Daughter Gator came over early this morning. Our town has cheap bulk item drop-off at the local recycle center. Momma Gator and I have spent much free time this week cleaning out some broken and unwanted items. We loaded them in the back of her mini-SUV and DG came over to help deliver them to the center. We weren’t alone. The line was very long and the wait was more than an hour, but some much needed cleanup had been accomplished.

While we were at the center, our dog and DG’s dog were left alone here for the first time. They have visited each other frequently and ours had been left at daughter’s house each year while we were off on vacation. But this time, DG’s dog had to watch as her mistress drove away down the driveway. She didn’t have a happy look. We didn’t know what the place would look like when we got home. Although both have the Invisible Fence collar, we left them in the house.

I’m happy to say that nothing bad or destructive happened. It almost looked like all they did was bark a couple of times trying to get us to stay, and then watched as the car disappeared down the long driveway. Since they were used to each other and like being together, I think they then may have simple curled up in their corners and took a nap.

Nothing was out of place and our living room furniture hadn’t been visited. The dogs are not allowed on the living room furniture. About the only evidence that they did anything was water drippings around the drinking trough. So this first time event turned out to be successful and it was a successful trip with a happy ending.

It would be nice if all of life could be this easy.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms. Enjoy the Sunday holiday and we’ll be back again Monday.


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