Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Dog's Cookie Store

I’m glad my lawn got its first haircut a couple days ago. Tuesday, the day I had planned to mow, heavy early morning fog and the resulting wet grass put those plans in doubt. But the sun came out relatively early and the temperature at my house climbed into the very low 70s. By eleven o’clock, though, the grass was still wet and mowing that day was doubtful.

About one o’clock my wife went outside to put some stuff into the compost bin, felt the grass, and came in with the news she thought we could mow. Let me digress just a moment as I’ve mentioned my composting area of mowed grass, chipped sticks, and the like on one far corner of our yard. We also have three bins for garbage type waste. It was in a latter she put Tuesday’s waste.

So, out we went. She has a walk behind mower she uses to trim near the brook where I really don’t dare drive my tractor. Her contribution to the mowing is priceless and one that I appreciate probably a whole lot more than she believes.

I mowed this day in a way I rarely do, without the bagging attachment. My feeble reasoning determined that the lawn would like me to leave the clippings for added nourishment as the nights continue to be cool and we had just fed the lawn a week ago. It was a mistake. I think I need one of these bagless trips to demonstrate to me why I bag. After I finished, the lawn looked terrible with clippings, torn apart leftover leaves, and general crud strewn all over the place.

Never again until next time will I ride around the yard without the bagger on.

I mention all this simply because it might be a few days before I get a chance to mow again. I wouldn’t mow today, just two days later anyway, but the weatherman says we’re in for some unsettled weather for the next several days. It’s a good thing I was able to get the job done this time around a couple of days ago.

If you have a dog and take your dog to the “cookie store,” you know how much fun it is to pull into a bank drive-through window. Most banks, around here anyway, have mini Milkbone treats for good dogs sitting patiently in the back seat. The ones I go to always ask me first if it’s OK to give my dog one. I’m not sure I’d have the courage to say “No” and have to face the gentle pup’s wrath.

I suspect my dog is not unique. The moment we drive into the bank lot, she knows we’re at the cookie store. She bounced a little, then dutifully sat down on the back seat to try to be patient. We had gone to the bank during the noon hour today and between inside activity and lunch time for employees, the drive-through window was manned only be tellers who saw a car there.

We waited an unusually long time for this bank. My dog had been patient long enough so she let go with a very loud, “Woof.” One of the tellers turned, saw us there, and as soon as she finished up her current task came to the window. She was sort of laughing and wondered if the call was on a cue. I told her it wasn’t; the pup just wanted her treat. The teller immediately passed on through the opening and then took care of my deposit. When she returned, she gave the dog a second treat. I hope a precedent wasn’t set. My dog won’t forget.

I guess I’ll sit back now and listen to the grass grow. One task I’ll accomplish is to put my bagging attachment on the tractor. When this unsettled weather finally ends next week, I’ll be all ready to mow once again.


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