Monday, June 2, 2008

I sometimes don't understand the populace.

It’s Monday! Now that’s exciting. I don’t know why, except it’s Monday and another week begins. Some folks might say yesterday was the beginning of the week as it’s the first day on most calendars. If that’s the case, then why do we include Sunday as part of the weekend? If you are a Bible reader, then I guess you know the answer.

We got just a wee bit of rain Saturday. That might not be too accurate depending on where you live. My little plot in Maine recorded .59 inches in my rain gauge. Seems to me the Portland TV stations showed a lesser amount, in the .35-.40 inch range. Nevertheless, it forced my family to stay indoors. That gave my wife a chance to put me to work.

She decided we’d take the opportunity to do some cleaning in the kitchen. Lots of outdated food disappeared. Once she gets started in a project, she charges straight forward and expects everyone around her to charge, too. Of course I’m that “everyone.” That project continued for a while yesterday, but we did get some sunshine so once the lawn dried we were headed outdoors. She worked in her gardens while I mowed the lawn.

*****I’ve been enjoying the Women’s College Softball World Series out of Oklahoma City. The Gator Gals did themselves pretty proud this year entering the tourney as the top seed. But a first game loss in the double elimination tourney put them in what proved to be an impossible situation. They had to win four games played in two double headers to advance to the championship round. They won three of them, but the bubble burst last night. It will be Texas A&M playing Arizona State for the championship. That series begins tonight. The Gator men were eliminated from the baseball series in the first round.

*****Just one week away are the primary elections in Maine. We have some clear choices this year. The Republicans have put up a pair of candidates, a moderate and a conservative, to vie for the Republican nomination for the First Congressional District seat being vacated by Tom Allen. The Democrats have several battling it out for their side’s nomination for the same seat. Those survivors will meet in the November elections.

Allen gave up his seat in Congress to battle long time Republican incumbent Susan Collins for a Senate seat. First, Allen has to get by a challenger for the nomination, but he is expected to win easily. Collins is a heavy favorite to retain her Senate seat.

There’s one thing about elections I don’t understand. How can people be so gullible? The Democrats have controlled Maine for the last 40 years. We have the highest taxes in America. Our insurance rates are second highest in America. Our property taxes are becoming prohibitive. Yet the same Democrats who have controlled all this are using the same “I’ll continue to decrease taxes. I’ll continue to bring lower insurance costs. I’ll continue to get lower property taxes.” They’re the same arguments the Democrats used in the last elections.

Not only did they raise all the taxes, they introduced even more which will make it even harder for Mainers to meet their needs. And what do these Mainers say? “We’ve got to elect the Democrats because they understand our problems and how to fix them.” What the Dems do accomplish is increasing the dole for our social programs. That resonates with the growing welfare socialistic society in Maine. Meanwhile, the hard working tax payer gets deeper and deeper into financial trouble.

*****Come on, Gatorman. It’s Monday. This is a new week and all your negativism should be set aside. Look upon the glory of Maine. After all, we’ve chosen to live here. Just think positive.

I wish it were that easy.


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