Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Just a simple Tuesday!

One thing I like about Tuesdays and Thursday is those two days’ consistencies. This Tuesday is no different, except we do have one little diversion that happens periodically one of these two days. That diversion will come around mid day.

We started off today as we start every Tuesday and Thursday. With a trip to the physical therapy center for some senior fitness. It’s called “senior fitness” rather than therapy because it’s a voluntary thing and even though a physical trainer or a physical therapist is on duty, we are generally on our own. When we entered the program, each of us seniors was given a program designed for each of our needs. Occasionally, the trainer or therapist will walk by and make a suggestion. We all incorporate those suggestions into our routines.

I’m the newest member of the group. I joined 11 months ago. It would be wrong to say I’ve never missed a session since. In the winter time I will not venture outside my home when walking is icy so I missed two or three sessions last winter. I missed one other time when my cardiologist scheduled my annual stress test for the same time as the fitness program. I must say I do enjoy both the chance for exercise using “real” equipment and I also enjoy the camaraderie.

Back home my wife was hard at work with her spread out spring cleaning. She’s closing in on the end, but there still some spaces to go. Once the night moisture gets off the ground, if it gets off the ground, she’ll head outside. My wife really likes messing around the yard. Her vegetable gardens are already showing signs that we’ll be enjoying some great, fresh vegetables in the not too distant future. I’d like to think it will be in about three weeks, but what do I know? They’ll be eatable when they’re eatable.

The forecast says some rain will be moving into the region later on today and most of tomorrow. The weather people have been hinting at scattered, intermittent showers more often than not during the last several days. We did get some last Saturday, but generally my plot of Maine has missed them. In spite of last weekend’s rain, my place is desperately in need for some water. I do have an irrigation system, but it just isn’t the same.

And now that periodic diversion: We have chosen this day to eat out at one of our favorite inexpensive eateries. As I’ve said before, there’s a very nice, very small, hamburger stand over on the Gray Road in Falmouth. I like my hamburgers on the thin side and this place fits my tastes perfectly. I think WG (Wife Gator) prefers them just a little thicker, but she’s been humoring me for years. Before you get too excited and calling me names, we go to her favorite places just as often.

We’ll probably stop by that cheaper-than-most-other-places gas station over by Exit 48 on our way home. It isn’t much, but I can save a whopping nine or ten cents a gallon for gas. That would probably be at least 60 cents, or at least the cost of the Turnpike home. We stop there if we’re going to be in the neighborhood anyway.

The afternoon won’t be spending cleaning. WG will want to rest so she’ll be prepared for her part time job tomorrow. It’s an eight hour day that begins at 6 AM. Tuesday and Thursday afternoon usually give her a chance to just relax. I’d be very surprise if she doesn’t work on a puzzle. She has a thousand piece one going now and it’s extremely close to being finished. Right now it’s her favorite way to relax or wind down.

So, this Tuesday is like most Tuesdays. We do a few things. We take some time off. We enjoy each other’s company. And we get ready for another day.


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