Friday, June 27, 2008

Wow! Can it be Friday already?

It’s Friday. Again. It was last Friday only yesterday. But another week has really passed and we head into the final weekend of June. June was a very fast month. For those of you who haven’t reached your 70s yet, time speeds up exponentially as you pass through that time. So, here we are: Friday.

I’m watching the Ch. 6 weather gal as I jot this down. She’s telling us that after an unstable two or three days, beautiful weather should return to the area next Tuesday and possibly even remain with us for a few days. It’s a little cloudy here this morning; but as I type that, the sun comes out. I guess from the report we have a chance of clouds taking over somewhat a little later on today with the chance of some showers, possibly the noisy type, this afternoon and evening.

Like many people’s, my lawn needs mowing. I’m not sure I’ll get to it today before it gets damp out there. My machine doesn’t like dampness. Wife Gator is off at work this morning and she won’t get home until early afternoon. Because of an incident I had a few years back she doesn’t like me working outside when she’s not around. It’s a safety thing. So to mow or not to mow will be decided when she gets home. Sort of looks like if we don’t get it done this afternoon, it’ll be mowing a hay field next Tuesday.

As I understand it, this is the final weekend of signature collection for the People’s Veto of a massive tax increased on beverages and insurance passed in the midnight hours of the last session without public or business input. Petitions with somewhere around 56-thouand valid signatures must be submitted to the Secretary of State’s office by mid-July to suspend the tax increase that’s scheduled to begin then and get the question on the November general election ballot. The time between now and the deadline will be used to get the petitions certified by local election officials and then to the State.

As I said a few days ago, I have no clue if the drive is being successful or not. There has been very little information about it. I would think if it’s not getting the signatures it needs the organizers would be making loud requests for people to take advantage of a last minute push. Since I haven’t seen that, perhaps that push isn’t needed as they have all the signatures they need. I’ve checked a couple websites for progress information but haven’t found any. So after Sunday’s final collection day, I guess we all just wait and see.

I mentioned yesterday I like to do business with people I can see and that the oil company that had been servicing me for several years had closed its local office and now requires one to use a call center. I had more than two weeks of unsuccessful dealings with the call center so the other day notified the company I was cancelling and looking elsewhere. Yesterday I got a call from a company “advocate” making several offers to change the contract to make it better for me. I expressed my displeasure with the inability to talk face to face with a representative and the failure of the call center to meet my needs. He told me I would no longer have to deal with the call center. When I called, simply give them his extension number and he would be my personal advocate henceforth.

I told him I’d discuss it with my wife and get back to him. We talked it over and then visited a very reputable local oil service company and, guess what; we talked with someone face to face. In 15 minutes we had accomplished a task that more than two weeks failed to accomplish with the call center And, to my surprise, saved a bundle of money doing it. I called “my” advocate to tell him of our decision and ask for a refund of my balance from last year. I called the call center number, asked for the advocate’s extension.

I got voice mail!

I must be a dirty old man. It looks to me like one of the hostesses on the NBC Today Show is wearing her nighty this morning.


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