Thursday, June 26, 2008

A busy Thursday for us

Thursday, and I have once again completed my Senior Fitness program at a Physical Therapy center in a nearby city. I hate to admit it was more difficult this morning, but I have a little bit of steel and a few screws in my hip. The weather of the past several days has decided to hold its own arrangements with the gadget and even though yesterday was a beautiful, warm day, it was enough to get all that humidity out of the hip. I was slowed down in the routine this morning as I worked through the discomfort.

That reminds me of an incident I had shortly after my hip area was rebuilt a few years back. It is not an artificial hip because the break was not at the joint. I have a steel plate held there by several screws. During the rehabilitation period one of the screws began to back out. It seems I had a soft spot that didn’t want to hold it. I guess I literally proved to my friends I had a screw loose. It took a couple of operations before it finally held. The screw was secure, but that didn’t change my friends reminding me of the loose screw. Some say it still hasn’t been repaired.

Three years ago Wife Gator and I took a cruise and land tour and a second cruise in Alaska and Canada. Fortunately I only set off the alarm twice as we passed through security checks. In both instances I was lucky enough to get understanding agents. I also don’t look like terrorist. I say that not really having a clue what a terrorist looks like; but I’m an older person who’s really not in great shape. In one instance I was taken aside but when I explained I had a steel plate in my hip, the person offered to get me wheel chair assistance. The other person waved a wand around my body and it began to emit its tone. That was while the wand was next to my hip. Checking my pockets and getting an explanation got me through with no further questioning.

I would have gotten a letter from my doctor explaining the hip, but my ignorance convinced me that only at airports did people go through those electronic checks. I learned my lesson going back and forth between Canada and the U.S. on that trip, but I was grateful my explanations were accepted.

I mentioned my Senior Fitness class the other day. I got a nice note from a reader who gave me an address where I could get information on adding to my program by doing some home therapy. I did check it out and am evaluating whether to take advantage or not, but I did appreciate the comment feedback.

A real busy day is in store for WG and me. We have some important errands to accomplish. One of them involves a necessary trip into Intown Portland, always a “thrill.” I know what we need to do, but I have no idea where or how to do it. This trip will be an adventure. I’m also going to change oil companies. I just a little unhappy with the one I’ve had for several years. It has moved offices out of our area and communications now need to be done through a call center. I’ve been trying with no success so another company, one with a local office, will be getting my business as soon as we set up an account. There’s nothing like face to face dealings to get situations resolved. I’m not a fan of having to go through a call center somewhere else.

Either breakfast at IHOP in South Portland or lunch at Harmon’s in Falmouth is also on the agenda. Which will get our business won’t be decided until the car is pulling out of the driveway and we see what time we get started.

There are some other items we must take care of today, too, so it’s going to be a long one


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