Friday, June 6, 2008

A Quickie Friday With Nothing To Do!

Another cloudy, a little drizzly day has arrived in Maine. It’s Friday and early this morning the temperature on my unofficial weather station says it’s approaching 60 degrees. My pressure indicator says we have a nice day ahead and the weekend, well hot is the magic word.

I got a call yesterday from the company replacing the water district’s meters. Mine was scheduled for sometime between 8 and 12 this morning. I was told yesterday the time could be anytime after 7 AM. Well, about 7:10 the doorbell rang. A pleasant professional person said they already had my pit at the end of the driveway open and cleaned and were ready to change the meter. He did not come to shut off the water as I guess he discovered there was a shut off in the pit.

He asked that I not run water for about 15 or 20 minutes while the actual shift was made. They came back to the house, turned on an outside spigot to flush any air and off they went to the next appointment. By 8 o’clock my day was freed up and now that I can go someplace, I have no desire to leave. Interesting, isn’t it? When I thought I was forced housebound, I might have needed to go somewhere. Only housebound for a half hour or so and now that I can leave, all the desire to do so is gone. Ah, life!

Timing is everything. I was watching the beginning of the Red Sox game last night, a rather early start. I got to see a home run that just managed to get over the wall. Well actually it just managed to get over everything. The Sox were up three to nothing and it stayed that way through the top of the second. That’s when I got called away as the evening meal was ready for consumption. I missed the fun of the melee. Because I got involved in a couple of other activities, I also missed more excitement. I got to see most of the incidents during replays when I got back to the game, but replays just aren’t the same.

The second part of my favorite spring sports season continues today with the Baseball Super Regionals leading to the College Baseball World Series in Omaha. The first part, of course, was the College Softball World Series that ended earlier this week. These sixteen best of three series will determine the eight teams that get to Omaha. I love to watch the young men (and women earlier) represent their schools in total commitment to the game. Some are playing for a chance to get into the professional ranks, but for most these games represent their shining moments.

Another weekend is just about upon us. Because of vacations and staff shortages, my wife will be working tomorrow morning for a few hours. She’s also been asked if she could be available Sunday morning for a few hours if necessary. She normally works weekends when there are platters to be made. But this weekend, and perhaps some others this summer, she’ll be working a regular assignment although for shorter times.

My daughter (DG) usually brings her dog over so the dog can romp around and have some socializing with our dog on weekends. As you know, the girls are sister Golden Retrievers. They have a blast outside, and drive all of us nuts when they’re inside. We’re not sure just what the weather will bring, but DG says if it gets as hot, especially Sunday, as the weather forecast says it’ll get, she may not be here. She says she’d like to give the dogs a chance to get acclimated to the hot weather before they get too hot romping around here. So that creates a wait and see weekend.

I guess it’s time now for me to seek out something to do on this Friday. The water district caught me off guard by coming as early as they did. (At least I was ready for them.) It was easy when I knew I could sit around here all morning moaning and feeling sorry for myself being locked in. Since the district people came early, I no longer have any excuses. I guess I’d better get busy looking around.


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