Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I waited patiently, as did my fearless friend.

“Waiting” can easily be put into the classification of “Bummer.” I hate waiting. I hate waiting for that important phone call. I hate waiting for that certain piece of mail. I hate waiting in lines to be served food. I hate waiting for just about everything. Today, I especially hate the wait for my new TV to arrive.

You have to know me, which you probably have already figured out, I’m just a kid. I’ve been one for more than 70 years. When I order a new toy, I want it now. I really want it yesterday, but it has to be purchased first. When I buy a computer on-line or by telephone, like to Dell or Gateway, or someplace like that, I want it delivered before the day is over. Never mind it probably has to come from Taiwan or some other faraway place. I want it now.

I bought a new television set last week. It’s supposed to be delivered today from Manchester, NH. So here I am, waiting. And even though the delivery time frame hasn’t even begun yet, I want my TV now. >>>>>Pause<<<<<

>>>>>Resume<<<<< Wow! My time frame for delivery was 9:30 to 11:30. At 9:34, the doorbell rang and a couple of really nice, helpful young men moved my old TV to the garage and installed my new HDTV. So here I am taking a little break in playing with the new buttons and features. This might end being fun.

The important part is that the wait is over.

My good friend is also in a waiting mode today. And from what he says, I’m not too sure he’s very happy about it. He ordered some memory for his wife’s computer and it was being delivered from California by one of the Big Three. He tracked his purchase and knew when it was shipped and had an expected delivery day.

But, surprise! Tracking the package on line, he learned that the company had flown it from the West Coast and it arrived at the Portland airport two or three days before the expected delivery date. But the tracking said it wouldn’t be delivered for another couple of days. He called the delivery service.

My fearless, no nonsense friend also takes no prisoners. I would have loved to have been in on that conversation. At least listening to it. I believe his account simply because I’ve never caught him telling anything but the truth. He said it went something like this:

FF (Fearless Friend): I see my package has arrived from California a little earlier than expected. Can you tell me what time it’ll be delivered today so I can be home?

DS (Delivery Service): Let me check, sir. Well, it won’t be delivered until its scheduled date, May 2nd, since you had ordered ground service.

FF: Now wait just a minute. Are you trying to tell me that you could get that package 3,000 miles from California in just two days, but it’ll take another two or three days to get it the last 6 or 8 miles? Does that make any sense?

DS: But sir, remember, you weren’t expecting it until May 2nd and that’s when it’ll get delivered. Right on time.

FF: (Edited for content) You explain to your boss the contents of this conversation and that it’ll be a very long time before I use this delivery service again and I certainly will tell everyone I know about it. You see what happens when you allow tracking and let recipients know where a package is? There is no reason to hold mine hostage.

My friend told me he has since been notified his package is on the truck, “Out for delivery” today.

And now, this is the last Wednesday of the month. I love these last Wednesdays. As I’ve mentioned before, a whole bunch of us, including my fearless friend, meet for a nice lunch and conversation. It’s usually a good time for all and I expect this one to be no difference. And most of us will have a good story about the month’s events.

I can hardly wait.


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