Saturday, April 12, 2008

Not quite as bad a day as was forecast!

GiM’s late note: This post was written much earlier this morning, but Time Warner’s Road Runner service decided to take a little vacation in my neck of the woods. It just returned. That’s why the posting time and events times are not in sync.

As this day dawns, the best thing I can say is that it isn’t raining. At least not right now. The weather man says this is just a lull and some more wet weather will be coming through the area off and on into tomorrow. My dog, though, came in from her morning outdoor examination of her world still dry, except for the paws.

My wife works part time at a nearby supermarket. She’s a specialist of sorts. One of her specialties is making platters that have been ordered. Quite frequently when the store gets a bunch of them ordered, she is asked to go to work early to make them. Early is five a.m. usually, but for special times, like the Christmas season, she generally works all night. Some part time job. The important thing, I must say, is she likes doing it.

Today is not one of her normal days, but nevertheless she was asked to go to work at 5 A.M. That’s where she is as I write this thing. She’ll come home when she’s finished, somewhere between nine and ten this morning she thinks.

Our dog, a precious Golden Retriever, is slowly learning the difference between work and non-work days for “momma.” The dog gets her up around 5 o’clock on her three work days and lets her sleep the other days until, oh, 5:15 or 5:30. The dog has developed the desire to take care of her own needs outside about 5:30, although we normally wait until first light to let her out. I’d hate to have her run into woods creatures which are in abundance around here in the dark.

The dog doesn’t like cats so I’m sure she’d let a skunk, for example, know it wasn’t welcome in our yard. I have this strange feeling the result just might not be nice. We do know of that old probable myth about tomato juice and keep some on hand “just in case.” I’d be somewhat surprised if in this day and age there aren’t other more effective ways of treating skunk on a dog. So far our plan of waiting for first light has been successful, at least for the dog’s first four years.

The little lass treats me a little differently in the morning. My wife stealthily left the bed this morning to prepare for work. Although I usually get up with her, on these 5 A.M. days she lets me stay in bed. The pup got up with her for a short time; but when she smelled the work clothes being put on, she knew momma was leaving her. She hung her head and climbed onto the bed. She laid down in my wife’s spot, I guess so she could feel close to her. She is, after all, my wife’s dog.

She took a look at me, feigning sleep, gave a big doggy sigh and put her head down for the long wait. She will not get me up, at least she hasn't during her first four years, as she does my wife. I slipped back into sleep. I’m not sure if the dog heard mommy leave or not; I didn’t. The dog never stirred until after six o’clock when I began to stir. Only then did she come over to me with that sigh that asks, “Now?”

Our daughter usually brings her dog over on Saturdays to romp and play and release some energy with our dog, which, incidentally, is her sister. Do dogs have sisters? I doubt they realize it. Today will be difference as our daughter and her mother will be going to a skating show (Scott Hamilton’s ‘Stars on Ice’) tonight in Portland. Youngster knows her mother had to rise early and will stay home to give her a chance to nap before the night.

So this Saturday which was forecast to be a very rainy one isn’t. We did get some rain overnight and we will probably have some showers in our little section of the state for the next several hours, but at least nature’s newest tradition of stormy weekends is continuing somewhat.

Have a good Saturday, a better Sunday, and we’ll be back Monday.


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