Saturday, April 5, 2008

A Saturday Ramble

Golly, these weeks just seem to be flying by. Seems to me when I was a lad, weeks could take an eternity to pass. Now sometimes I think the week lasted just a nanosecond. Here it is Saturday once again. Like most Saturdays the past several months this one began with a storm, rain this time. Unlike most Saturdays in recent weeks the storm didn’t last long. By mid morning the rains had passed and during the afternoon we caught some sun.

Did you see in the news today that since they left the White House just about seven years ago, Bill and Hillary Clinton have earned 109 million dollars? The income was mostly from personal appearances and book sales. No matter if Hillary gets elected or not, it looks like they’ll be able to put food on their table, gas in their cars, and not even notice it. Must be nice!

We need a new roof. I hate going through the estimate/proposal process. Yet simply picking someone without the process might be counter-productive, too. But there’s so much that has to be compared, like product, cost, warranty, expected length of service, contractor’s past performances, and on and on. With each visit, I have a new “This is the one” visit. Now we’re spending the weekend pouring over the details trying to figure out just which one is The One. We’ve even solicited help from a friend in Florida. One thing is for sure, though, having a home reroofed isn’t an inexpensive event.

We were first introduced to a restaurant named Texas Roadhouse during one of our cross country trips a few years ago. That first stop only because it was near to our motel set the stage for many more visits. The steaks are the best I’ve ever had in a restaurant, anywhere. Since that time, if we find a Texas Roadhouse on an annual trip, it immediately becomes a must. We do go to the Lancaster, PA., area every year to visit a couple theaters there we like. And there is a Texas Roadhouse there. It sees us every year. Until a week ago, there wasn’t one here in Southern Maine. Then one opened in Scarborough. We ate there a couple of nights ago and it didn’t let us down. The best part is the prices which are very reasonable. Only problem is it has filled up and had waiting lines every night since it opened. It is designed to be noisy.

This is the season of pot holes in Maine. Some of them are pot caves. I don’t think there’s a road, street, or highway anywhere in this state that isn’t laying a trap for a car. So far, this year has been kind to me. Last year at this time I hit a cave I just plain didn’t see on the Interstate. I’m surprised it didn’t do major damage to my car, but it did cost me a new tire. I’m watching more carefully this time around, but playing “dodge the hole” sort of makes me a lousy driver. If a cop were watching, I’d probably be put through the sobriety tests.

I guess it’s time to toss my estimates/proposals for the roof down the cellar stairs. The one that lands nearest to the top and therefore makes me work the least will get the nod. Now tell me that’s not a great scientific way to pick a winner.

Have a great Sunday. I’ll be back Monday.

G.D. (I’m thinking of changing my signature to G.M. for Gator Maine)

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