Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A nice, sunny day provides lots of energy!

I can’t help but talk about the weather each day right now. It is sunny and pleasant, albeit a little windy, outside today. I guess from what I heard on the weather forecasts this morning that this is about how it’s going to be for the next several days. Less windy after today, though, except we on the south side of Route One will probably have some afternoon sea breeze to keep us a little cooler than most of the state.

My Tuesday started off as it usually does with a trip to South Portland for a session at my Senior Fitness class at a therapy center. I passed a milestone today. One of my exercises is re-teaching me balance by my standing on a stationary big round ball. I have been able to do it as long as I remain focused on a particular spot in the room, don’t move my head, or talk. Today that all changed.

One of my fellow exercisers working away from me and to my side asked me a question. By golly, I turned my head to look at him and then even answered his question. We even talked for a moment or two and I didn’t fall off the ball. I must admit I was somewhat excited. Even the therapy person came over to pat me on the back and issued a smiling, “Well done. I’m proud of you.”

Then home I came for my usual cleanup after the session. My friend and I refer to this as accomplishing the 5 S’s. I don’t shine my sneakers, however.

My wife then invited me to join her in the garage to begin the winter cleanup there. I reminded her I don’t do outdoors and she reminded me that garage is not outdoors. So we headed for the garage. The first task was cleaning my mower deck to swap with the snow blower on my tractor. I’d forgotten how dirty that thing was when I made the fall swap. At that time I just sort of slid it under my workbench with the idea I’d get to cleaning it later. Later came this morning. It was a mess. Now, though, it’s ready for the changeover.

Speaking of that work bench, it had become a repository for just about everything and anything that needed a place to be put this winter. We got a start on it, but it’ll probably Thursday before we get back to it. Most of the stuff was just boxes that needed to broken down for recycling, broken small appliances like an old toaster, tools not properly returned to their resting spots, and things like that. Once we get the stuff gathered, broken down, etc., we load a car and take it to the recycling center in Portland. That probably won’t be today, though.

We love this little hamburger joint in Falmouth, so I’ll let you imagine where we went for lunch today. Since visiting the place is easier if we use the Turnpike to get there, their inexpensive hamburgers get just a little on the expensive side. But they are the size we like. Most people like big fat ones. There are excellent places around Greater Portland that serve them. We prefer the little place over in Falmouth.

Momma Gator does like working outdoors and our dog loves it when she’s outside working. The dog spends all the time out there, too, and romps and runs to her hearts content. MG is outside. It’s amazing how much energy one gets and how much one not only needs but wants to accomplish when the weather cooperates. There’s nothing like good weather to revitalize the soul.


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