Monday, April 21, 2008

All's well on this Monday, and I'm well protected!

Although we had a sea breeze here on the south side of Route One yesterday, it was a very nice day. Saturday my wife and daughter spent some time on a rather large wild rose garden we have alongside our driveway. Between Thursday and Saturday they got about a quarter of it cleaned up (they’re cutting down which will let new growth take over and spread) and carted off to the recycle center. They had planned to take yesterday off, and they did.

However, our neighbor dropped by for a chat and said he had just the tool to take down the rest of the bushes. Understand, my wife and daughter had been cutting them down one sprig at a time and that was very time consuming. Great, exclaimed my wife and the neighbor returned with a power tool. About ten minutes later, the remaining bushes were on the ground. They’ll be taken to the recycle center tomorrow. It’ll take three or four trips.

For you gardeners who want to scream that cutting the wild roses like that will ruin them, I should explain this is an annual ritual and they’ll come back more beautiful and more abundant than ever. And the garden will continue to consume the area we want filled in. It might be wrong to mess with my wife when it comes to her gardening skills.

Like at most Maine homes some of the weekend was spent cleaning up the yard, too. All the winter’s dog’s leavings are now gone, all the sticks from the trees are gone, anything else that collected since last fall has been put on the compost plot. And the dethatching of the lawn has been completed and the remnants of that also put out for composting. So, after Tuesday when the rose branches are taken to the former dump, our yard will be ready for full greening. I’m glad my wife and daughter like working outdoors.

Now if only we could get some much needed rain. Who’d a thunk after the winter we had we would now be wishing for some moisture!

Today is another story. My wife has gone to work at her part time job. My daughter is on vacation from her full time job but is staying at her home today to prepare for a major certification test. I’ve had my normal blood test this morning, even though the doctor won’t give me the results until tomorrow as, like many professionals and government people, this is a holiday in Maine (and Massachusetts). Most other Americans have no clue what Patriots’ Day is. In fact, I’d bet many people in these two states don’t, either. Perhaps the Mass people know but many Mainers have no clue we celebrate the day because our state at one time was part of Massachusetts.

I’m protected though. My great watchdog is right on task protecting me from all intruders.

Ever alert! It would be very hard for any intruder to invade our home.
Sometimes a truck or airplane passes near the house. See how she looks around to be sure we’re safe?
Huh! Did I hear something? Did you move, Dad? Remember, I'm right here ready for action.

It’s a great day in Maine. Again. Without Momma Gator’s guidance and with solid protection from my guard dog, I can take it easy.


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