Thursday, April 10, 2008

What a day in Maine!

What a glorious day we’re having in Maine! The weather man said this could be the best day we’ve had this year; so far, he’s right on the money. The sun is blazing away through a mostly blue sky, but there are some clouds about.

As I begin this in the morning, it is already 63 degrees outside my home on the south side of Route One. I think the temperature nudged 60 once earlier this year, but this temperature just keeps climbing. Later on I’ll mention how high we got, but it probably won’t be the same as the official temperature. I do have a sheltered weather station so I’m rather confident my temperature is correct for this location.

When I left the house this morning to go to my “Senior Fitness” session at a local physical therapy center, the weather was already becoming beautiful. That was at seven o’clock this morning. When I left the therapy center, that little temperature thing on my car had crossed the 50 degree range.

I came home to pick up my wife and together we headed to I-HOP for breakfast. I think this was the first day of the year she didn’t wear a jacket. That breakfast fit right into the mood being set for the day. It was hot and delicious. We both had stuffed French toast and the portion was perfect for our aging innards. The best part, also in keeping with the mood, was the tab. Breakfast for two with coffee and tip was only $15. Sure can’t go wrong with that.

We stopped by a local supermarket on the way home. She went inside for just a little shopping so I stayed in the car. For the first time this season, I had the car windows wide open enjoying the gentle breeze that was wafting through. My car’s outside thermometer was climbing into the upper 50s. At last Spring was really springing.

My wife now is outside in our yard doing whatever wives do outside doing yards. I don’t do yard stuff, except drive my tractor around mowing the lawn. I’m not an outside yard person. She has a half dozen flower gardens and two vegetable gardens she tends. Sometimes our daughter comes over with her dog so our dog and hers can romp around and get some energy worked off. The two women get a good time together working in the gardens.

I hate to admit it, but even though I don’t do outdoor stuff, I do absolutely love the results of my wife’s hard work in the veggie gardens. There’s nothing any better than picking or pulling any fresh vegetable, popping into a cooking pot, and eating it right away. But now I’m just dreaming a little as that won’t be happening until this summer.

By mid afternoon, the temperature hit it’s high for our place. We had begun hoping to break 70 as the numbers crept through the 60s. But, the highest we could get here was 68.3, but even I went jacketless on a trek to the local post office.

So, Maine had a celebration today. We celebrated our Spring. Now we can look forward to our summer day in a few months. And today’s time was magnificent. There’s rain heading our way for the weekend. Naturally, with Saturday coming, a storm must be, too. Along with the rain will be slightly colder temperatures, as well. Saturday and Sunday will be in the low to mid 40s. By the way, that rain heading our way is from the storm that is creating a forecast of blizzard conditions in the Midwest.

But the rainy weekend cannot take anything away from this glorious day in Maine.


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