Friday, April 11, 2008

What a difference a day makes!

Yesterday’s glorious day is now in the past. Today isn’t quite so glorious, although it did start out rather well. My weather station reported the high temperature today as 60 degrees. Now that’s not official but my thermometer is in a sheltered area, simply meaning it’s carefully hidden from the sun at all times. This Friday started out with an abundance of sunshine and, if we hadn’t seen the morning weather forecast, we might have thought today would be a repeat of yesterday.

But out there in the mid west there’s a rather huge storm. In fact, blizzard conditions have been reported in some areas. I was watching the Weather Channel on line ( a little while ago, and it showed some video on trailer trucks and cars off the road and people working hard to stay ahead of the storm.

That storm is heading for Maine and should arrive here by mid to late afternoon. We will luck out somewhat, however, as it should be all rain here in the southern part of the state. This morning’s forecast hinted at some snow in far northern regions of the state.

That forecast appears to have been spot on. The sun began fading around my little place in the world about 10:30 this morning, and by one o’clock it was all but gone. As the clouds take over, we know that rain isn’t far behind. Just what else can we expect for a weekend in Maine. After all, it seems like it has either rained or snowed every weekend since Thanksgiving. Now I know that’s an exaggeration, but not a big one.

There were many weeks in a row when a storm could be almost guaranteed for both Wednesdays and weekends this winter. We finally broke the Wednesday string and now we need to find a way to break this weekend one.

I guess we can chalk up our persistent storminess as part of a cyclical climate change. For a while we were told we were in the throes of a global warming because temperatures had been climbing ever so slightly for the last several decades. We were urged to take steps to stop polluting the atmosphere. Then the long trend began to wane so the environmentalists changed the name to climate change.

Unfortunately for those trying to make a buck on the environment the four most noted agencies that record the temperature worldwide have discovered that in the last year the temperature has risen enough to wipe all the warming of the past hundred years. So much for global warming. But it has been, and continues to be, an expensive non-solution for all of us.

That’s not changing our climate for this weekend, though. We will have a definite climate change from yesterday’s spectacular day to a cold, wet weekend. From what I heard this morning, most of the rain will be here tomorrow with a just a chance of showers Sunday morning.

I think I said once before, as much as we want a sunny, warm weekend at least Mother Nature gives people like me something to say nothing about.


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