Thursday, January 31, 2008

Weekend Caucuses

The Maine Republican caucuses will be held this weekend, beginning Friday evening and continuing through Sunday. The state’s various towns, cities, counties have a choice of when in the three day span they will hold theirs. They will be spread out somewhat although most will be Saturday so that representatives of the presidential candidates can travel the state and visit them.

From all I’ve read so far, only Ron Paul has visited the state this season, but it was last weekend. The only Republican I’ve seen mentioned to visit this weekend is Tagg Romney representing his father Mitt Romney. Congressional candidates for this year’s primaries later this year will visit as many caucuses as they can fit into a travel schedule.

The Democrats will hold their caucuses on a single Saturday next weekend, after Super Tuesday.

I have tentatively planned to attend my town’s caucus Saturday morning. I haven’t really decided yet. I’ve never attended a caucus for a presidential candidate. I did attend one Town Committee meeting in 2006 when the Republicans had three candidates for governor heading into the primaries. I’d wanted for a long time to see what happened at these events. I had always been proud that my grandfather had been a very long time Portland City Councilor and a Portland mayor. Of course that was back in the ‘30s and very early ‘40s. (He began politicning in Heaven in 1941.) I was just a little tyke then and really didn’t know much about politics. But I knew my granddad was a very honored man in Portland. (I no longer live in Portland.) Getting back to the point, I also wanted to hear what the three had to say.

I don’t know if anyone or who will represent the presidential candidates will be at our town’s Saturday caucus this year. But if I go, and it really looks like I probably will, it will give me a chance to see one of these in action, too. The political process has always fascinated me and I can’t tell you why I’ve never gotten involved. "Chicken" I guess. Many times I’ve wished I had, but the reality of the situation was that I was afraid to get involved because it would have reduced the time I had for other endeavors which were simply more important to me at the time. Now, in my twilight, I’m afraid it’s too late.

Yes, as you’ve correctly deduced from reading this, my tendency is Republican. My granddad and my father were both Republicans so when I first registered way back in the 1950s, it was a natural choice. I’m a lot more Conservative than today’s Republicans, though. Actually, I think I’m more of a conservative and constitutionalist, than Republican. That last sentence is rational, but an explanation of it might let many Mainers know exactly who G.D. is, which might be a future subject. (No, you probably don’t know me.)

Now I’m continuing to receive phone calls about the Presidential candidates. Several from Mitt Romney’s camp and a couple from Ron Paul’s. I think both of them would like to get Maine’s delegates to the National convention. Now that’s a dumb statement, of course they would. So would the others, but they haven’t called me.

Last night, I watched my first political debate. I have avoided debates and most of the political activity because I’m already sick and tired of a presidential season that began three years ago. I much more liked it when we had primaries in the early summer to elect delegates to the conventions and then the “Elect Me!” process began Labor Day for that year. As a result, I have not read about, listened to, or seen much of the political process this year. Last night, I committed to the fray. I was surprised. Listening, I have easily eliminated two of the remaining candidates.

My choices are now (alphabetically) Huckabee and Romney. So, I just might attend the Saturday Town Caucus in my town to go to the corner of one of them.


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