Friday, January 25, 2008

I was told I should, so I did!

It’s a Friday and here I sit wondering, as I have all day long, just what will come out of my computer today. I have not come up with an idea. You might wonder, “What’s the worry? Don’t write about anything.” I can’t do that because my inspiration for this place sent me an email that said I should write every day in order to become a good writer. So, on this day when I have no particular topic to discuss, I’m writing.

I think back on the day I’ve had and nothing there inspires me. It’s just been a typical Friday for me. My wife went to her part time job as usual. Fridays is a day I try to do some things around the house to try to make the weekend a little easier for her. So, I did some things around the house. Like laundry. Washing the dishes and unloading the dishwasher. I fixed some food for us to have tonight. I cleaned off the top of my computer table. That’ll probably last another ten minutes or so. I paid some bills.

Now hasn’t that kept your reading? Exciting stuff. Our little Golden Retriever has kept me busy. In. Out. In. Out. In my lap. Out of my lap. Can you imagine just how much fun having a 65 pound dog jumping on and off a lap is? Of course, like all little girls (and older ones, too) she has her “daddy” wrapped around her, hmmmm, are they called toes?

I had mentioned to my wife that I’d like some chip ‘n dip for the Super Bowl. So when she came home this afternoon, she had the stuff I need for my special dip. I thanked her and put everything away. An hour or so later, she said, “Well?” That confused me being a simple old guy. “When are you going to make it?” I told her a week from Sunday. Not good enough. We had some chip ‘n dip this afternoon. I got so wrapped up in it I forgot who won the Super Bowl.

I haven’t forgotten my usual following of the Maine Legislature and our governor. But this was a relatively quiet day. The Legislature did reject a request for a hearing on a new law proposal that would force health centers to tell parents when underage girls asked for birth control medication or devices. The request for the law came from a decision of the Portland School Committee to allow a clinic located in a middle school to give out the materials to girls as young as 11 years old without parental notification. The rejection to consider the law was along party lines…Democrats were against the law and Republicans were for it.

The Legislature will begin hearings next week on Governor Baldacci’s proposed budget cuts to meet a huge income shortfall. Those hearings should give me some topics for next week.

A presidential candidate is visiting Maine this weekend. Republican Ron Paul is scheduled to arrive Sunday and will speak in Portland Monday. Don’t read anything into my mentioning this here as I’m not one of his supporters. But he is a national figure visiting our state. I won’t be going to hear him. The Republican caucuses will be held in Maine next weekend.

If you’ve gotten this far, thanks. I hope I’ve at least accomplished the task my inspirational blogger said I should complete. And, by the way, if you'd like to sample some real good writing and especially if you have a love of knitting, visit my inspirator.


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