Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Just Stuff!

January 9th, and once again the temperature in our part of Maine rose above 50 degrees, and that was after a record setting 62 yesterday. We call in the January Thaw and it usually lasts a couple of days. But it was so nice following a December of icy cold and snow. Lots of snow. It has been melting this week and feet high drifts and plow piles have dropped.

My pup isn’t happy with the melt. She loves to sit atop the piles where she has a much better view of her world. We have an Invisible Fence around our whole large yard so the pup has a wide range of choices for her view. The other day my wife and I were doing some work in our living room. We looked outside once and there was the pup laying high atop a plow pile watching our every move.

The wind occasionally let us knows winter was still around. Sure, we get wind year round, but this time of year it mixes with the temperature to add some discomfort. The weather guys and gals say it could blow fairly strongly this evening just ahead of a cold front which is expected to bring an hour or so of heavy rain. I guess that’ll signal the beginning of the end of the super stretch.

Our governor will deliver his State of the State speech to the Legislature tonight. As I’ve mentioned before, Maine is facing a huge revenue deficit and the Governor is expected to tell us how we should correct the problem.

The other day I lamented on unenrolled voters voting in party primaries. From reports I heard today, it’s a worse situation that I imagined. If the reports were correct, anyone could have gone to a polling place, simply told the clerk a name with no proof necessary, not even proof of residency, and voted. That leads me to wonder how many times one person could vote. Hmmmm.


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