Sunday, January 6, 2008

A very little this; A very little that!

*My bride of nearly a half century woke up during the night needing a drink of water. After her drink she stopped by the bedroom window to look outside. She was surprised to see right below the window two deer, probably, she thinks, a momma and babe. Quite a sight. Although a neighbor had said she had seen a deer or two in past years, this was the first sighting from our house. We do not live in the country. The presence of the two animals didn’t bother our Retriever who, according to my wife, slept through the whole event. Sort of gives one a great sense of security, doesn’t it?

*What a great day to get rid of some ice? We had a few places on a walkway and driveway that had built up from the last storm. But with thawing today, most of it could be chipped away and once again we have a black driveway. The thaw did my snow thrower some good, too, as a bunch of snow and ice I didn’t get cleaned off Monday melted off.

*Elections are still 11 months away. I don’t recall a 3-year election season ever before. I am so sick and tired of all the rhetoric being spewed. The Democrats haven’t yet learned that President Bush isn’t running again and think they have to beat him. The Republicans look to see which state border they’re crossing and speak accordingly. I don’t think any of them have a real, honest plan to protect America or make the lives of Americans any better.

*I went into a store the other day and bought several items that came to $16.63 w/tax. Then the teenage clerk did something I hadn’t seen done by a young person in years. She handed me my change from a $20 bill what I call correctly, the old fashioned way. Starting at the cost, she counted out the change up to the $20 as she handed it to me. None of that looking at the cash register to see how much to give me and then handed it to me saying, “3.37, your change.” I asked her where she attended school. Cape Elizabeth High School is doing something right.

*Have you noticed how many gas pumps now have yellow stickers on them proclaiming a 10% ethanol mixture? Have you noticed how much your gas mileage has dropped? With the cost of gas these days, I don’t have to be forced to buy more.

I think I'll just do some more of these simple ones down the road.


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