Tuesday, January 29, 2008

This and That -- 3

About a year ago, we began the process of changing our living room. We bought a nice sectional sofa and a new rug. Since then nothing has been added as we’ve “made do” with some leftovers from the old room. That’s a little misleading. The only leftovers we utilized were a chair and a table. A month or so ago, we returned a cabinet that holds our music CD turntable and AM/FM receiver. We also put the speakers into the cabinet. But the room remained relatively naked.

Last week we took advantage of a sale at one of the local furniture stores and headed out to buy a coffee table to be placed in front of the sofa. After picking out the one we wanted, we called over a salesman to complete the purchase. To our surprise the coffee table came with two end tables, so that was another void filled. The tables were delivered today and it’s amazing how much they add to our wide open living room. Understand, we only use the room when we have visitors and cold winter days. There’s no TV there, but there is a fireplace which on some of these cold Maine days keeps some warmth in the room. It’s a good place to sit and read. But those tables just make it a lot cozier. I guess we’d better get busy and complete the room.


I’ve learned a lesson today. Count those prescription pills when you get them from the pharmacy. We take a plethora of pills and need various refills almost weekly. We get 90 day supplies. I discovered this week that I’m all but out of one of my pills. My doctor had given me new yearly prescriptions earlier this month during my annual visit with him. I called the pharmacy and explained I needed the pills and they had a new prescription on file. The insurance company wouldn’t let the pharmacy fill the pills as I had my current 90 prescription filled in early December. I should have another 30 pills on hand. The only conclusion I can reach is that I only got 60 of my last 90. Of course after all this time, there was no way to convince the pharmacy a mistake had been made. I called my physician and he’s trying to get it straightened out, but henceforth, as much of a hassle it’ll be, I’ll count my pills when I get them.


On another happy note for me, I have a new computer coming. My current laptop isn’t very old and it was a super machine when I got it. But something has happened to it. It frequently freezes up or won’t even boot to begin a day until I’ve rebooted a couple of times. MS Outlook doesn’t like to send messages when I write them. I have to close the program and reopen it in order to send. I can’t manage posts at this blogspot but I can post anywhere else. This little inexpensive (therein probably lies part of my problem…asking it to do more than it can) laptop no longer will connect to my home network. There are other problems. I’ve scanned with my virus protection program, my spyware program, and I regularly clean the cache and the registry. Cookies are deleted regularly. I have gotten a message that indicates I have some corrupt memory, and I think those little pieces of information that makes computers run have been trapped and no longer available. It’s all a good excuse to get a powerful, fast new laptop. And one is heading my way right now.


I occasionally get critical, both here and with folks I meet, of our Governor John Baldacci. I believe his tenure in office has generally been a disaster for the state of Maine. But yesterday, Governor Baldacci did a really good thing, and I believe he needs the praise for it.

A man convicted for various sexual abuse actions, not the kind that gets one on the sex offender registry list like rape, etc., but nevertheless gets one in prison was facing release yesterday after completing his last sentence as a final result of a plea agreement. He has said recently that he is looking forward to find a woman and raping her and performing unimaginable sexual acts on her. Neighbors where he lives were understandably worried. The television showed pictures of this man during his court appearance yesterday. He was sucking his thumb. His attorney said the guy was crying out for help, but help the courts were unable to provide.

This is where Gov. Baldacci came in. He used his powers to get that help. As a result, the man, who is voluntarily accepting the help, is now in a mental facility being evaluated and the Governor is arranging for funds to place him in an out of state rehabilitation center to help him get over his illness. The people in his neighborhood are resting more easily.

And for this act, at least, I salute Maine Governor John Baldacci.


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