Monday, January 14, 2008

A little snow couldn't stop me!

Snow is falling on much of Maine today. It’s one of those snowstorms that caused school and some business cancellations. The storm was not unexpected as local weather forecasters began preparing us last week. Forecasters around here, though, have a way of warning us of storms that end up with only an inch or two of snow or pass us by altogether. Today as I jot this down, my little town has received more than 10 inches so far, and it’s still snowing very hard. The storm should be out of the southern part of the state by early evening.

I have some mobility and balance problems so it’s been quite a while, actually probably several years, since I’ve ventured out alone in a storm like this. But at 8 AM it wasn’t too bad, perhaps a quarter inch on the ground so I decided to keep my scheduled doctor’s appointment. I thought those weather folk had fooled us again, but conditions are now showing us this time they had it right. During the past years, either my wife or a good friend would drive me to necessary places. That way I didn’t have to negotiate snowy and icy parking lots on foot. A fall could be disastrous for me. I hadn’t made any arrangements for today so off I went alone.

It wasn’t a mistake, but it was an adventure. I arrived at the doctor’s office a little early and a cancellation allowed me to get to see him early. A little over an hour later, I left. There were two inches of new snow on the car. Once in my younger days when I knew I was invincible, I hadn’t cleaned the windows. I never saw the tree. So, today I brushed the whole car, including the windows, off and headed home, a drive through three towns.

I’d forgotten how stupid people, especially people with all- or four-wheel drive vehicles, are. Crazies were driving in this stuff 30-40 mph. Several cars roared past me. I drove about 20. I’d guess I was like the ones I used to silently swear at 40 years ago when I was being held up by some old geezer driving 20 mph in a storm. Today, I was wearing a cap, but didn’t have a cigar.

I’d forgotten about spinning wheels and little hills. I’d forgotten about stopping on a hill for a red light and then starting up again. I’d forgotten about how cars like to slide sideways turning a corner. I’d forgotten watching a stopped car ahead of me get closer and closer when I pressed the brakes. It didn’t take long for it all to come back. Fortunately, my decision to drive very slowly paid off.

I got home safely and have decided that it might be another several years before I venture out in this stuff again.

Now there’s another huge storm possibly to arrive here Friday. I wonder if my friend in Florida would like to come home early just in case I need a lift somewhere.


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Unknown said...

Your good friend in Florida just adjusted his glasses.