Thursday, January 10, 2008

Wow! The Problem for Maine is Beginning!

Our governor came out with his plan to save the budget today. It’s probably best that I don’t express my exact opinion. But basically, it was the same old, same old.

He did follow through with some cuts in welfare, but he said he wanted to be sure that those among us who were the most vulnerable won’t be touched.

He did say that our MaineCare (nationally part of the Medicaid program) might go through some adjustment, like making sure that income became part of the eligibility requirements.

He also said that that Maine state jobs have been cut severely when a quick check of the government website shows that several hundred new jobs have been created.

He said he wants to find increased funding to make the state’s Dirigo Insurance Program work. That is a program which wants to bring to Maine universal insurance that has failed everywhere in the world it’s been tried. It's also been a failure in Maine. He wants to force the members of the Maine State Retirement System, state workers, and other state employees become members. My suspicion is simple: State legislators, now part of a “Cadillac” program from Anthem, will want nothing to do with it. I think I’m beginning to think I need to express my self on the universal insurance plan.

He is also more vigorously calling for the consolidation of the state’s school systems, the various (counties’) jail programs, and some departments. These, along with his proposed cuts in welfare programs, will cause absolute chaos in Maine.

But, for me, it’s a big Thank you, Governor. I’ve got some topics for the next several days. Most of us in this state can’t afford anything he’s proposed.


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